Cassandra Alicia Campa and Ramit Sethi’s wedding was held on July 28th, 2018 in Lake Tahoe, California.

I have known Ramit for a few years and he’s become one of my best friends.

I was a guest at the wedding. I was also the self-appointed Social Chair.

Wedding Photos

Photographs by Cassie Valente unless noted.

Indian wedding, bride and groom

Are we in Kashmir? Or Lake Tahoe? Hard to tell. Beautiful background.

Lake Tahoe and Northstar Village for an Indian wedding

Crowd gathering for the traditional Sikh ceremony. “Beautiful colors” is a refrain you will hear a lot as I talk about these photos.

Man riding a horse for a traditional Indian Sikh wedding in Lake Tahoe

Riding in style. That’s Ramit on the horse, with his nephew. This was part of the baraat.

Baraat (Hindi: बरात; Urdu: برات‬‎) is a groom’s wedding procession in North India, West India and Pakistan. In North Indian communities, it is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the wedding venue (often the bride’s house) on a mare, accompanied by his family members.

Lots of people wearing Indian clothes for a wedding in Tahoe

Big family group! I love the forest background

Sign that says: Photos OK Please

This sign was my idea, so obviously I have to include it. It’s a play on the Indian phrase “HORN OK PLEASE”

People dancing at an Indian wedding

Look how happy Ramit is! Big dance party at the wedding

Someone holding a card explaining a Sikh wedding

This card was so well done. Great illustrations and explanations about the Sikh ceremony

Two hot people

Ramit and Cassandra Alicia Campa walking down the aisle of the Sikh wedding. Nice sword bro

Ramit and Cassandra on their wedding day

Look how amazing Cassandra Campa looks!! Ramit is kissing her here

Wedding in Tahoe

Christian wedding, again they both are looking great!

Just Married

Congratulations Cassandra and Ramit on your wedding

Good people all men on the dance floor

Bachelor Party squad on the dance floor!! That’s me on the far left. I didn’t get the memo that it was Western dress. But damn I look like a gangster in Indian clothes, right?

More Information

Cassandra Campa and Ramit Sethi, pic from their wedding in Lake Tahoe

The happily married couple

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