Sally Hogshead Is A Very Good Keynote Speaker

Usually I hate keynote presentations via video conference for large groups. It is nearly impossible to connect with the people on the other side, jokes fall flat, and the speaker just can’t read the room.

But today I was supremely impressed at the way that Sally Hogshead made her keynote speech via video to me and my friends in the Less Doing Live 2018 workshop.

If you host webinars or aspire to be a great speaker, keep reading to see the exact tactics I noticed that Sally used. For example, I was impressed with her ability to engage the audience using call and response, custom stories, and excellent pacing.


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The Secret Sauce to Hiring Our 61 Superstars

I love hiring great people.

But, damn: it is really time-consuming and energy draining.

I just counted: as of this morning, we have 13 full-time employees, 45 part-time employees, and many great contractors who all help to make the Museum Hack magic.

When we first started to hire tour guides and operations staff, we knew we wanted to cast a very wide net to find the best and brightest candidates.


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What I Learned From Wasting $10k on a New Sales Channel

This is a story about good intentions, government contracts, and throwing money at a dream.

In 2015, Museum Hack hired a company to help us sell into city, state, and federal budgets.

We lost $10,000 and at least 100 hours of one of our most senior employee’s time.

But it wasn’t a total failure. We learned valuable lessons about the right – and wrong – ways to break into a new market.

We thought we could get into government bids for employee training. We were wrong.


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Vistage Review: My Experience as a CEO

I attended two different half-day workshops and advisory sessions as part of the Vistage CEO mastermind group in NYC in 2018.

I take a lot of notes, so I’m sorry this post is so long. I hope my Vistage review might be helpful for others.

overhead view of CEO meeting sitting around a desk Vistage slogan: “Discover what’s possible when CEOs put their minds together.”


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