Storytelling Workshop in NYC: My Notes

Today I attended the 90-minute Storytelling for Business Master Class hosted by The Story Studio.

Stories are how we make sense of the world. You can use storytelling in a business setting to forge a connection with your colleagues, or to get buy-in.

I just wanted to learn how to convince people to host a 2-hour cocktail party.

Blonde man in middle of two professional women, holding a sign that says STORYTELLING WORKSHOP The general rule of having your own blog is this: If you’re going to post a photo of yourself, you MUST choose the wackiest one possible. L to R: Cyndi Freeman, me, and Gail Thomas.


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Picnic in Central Park: List of The BEST Places

The best place to have a picnic in New York City’s Central Park is Sheep Meadow.

Why you should listen to me: I’ve lived in New York City for over 11 years. During that time I have hosted dozens of picnics in the park. I’ve filmed videos about picnics.

Here is exactly where I like to host my picnics in Central Park:

Google Maps screenshot of Sheep Meadow. Scroll down for more images.


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