Who is Seth Wunder and Black-and-White Capital? (2020 update)

Black-and-White Capital is an activist hedge fund created in 2016 owned and operated by Seth Wunder.

The more I look into Seth Wunder and Black-and-White Capital, the more I find myself returning to one simple question:

Who is Seth Wunder?

I am genuinely curious to learn more about Seth and his company, especially after they were the first to take an activist investor stance on Etsy in early 2017.

Here’s what I know so far. (more…)

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If I Had $10 Million Dollars, How Would I Live Differently?

I was doing some deep thinking the other night:

How would I live my life differently if I had $10,000,000 in cash?

SpongeBob and a crab guy in lots of money First thing I’d do: Hundred dollar bill snow angels

I wrote down a bunch of ideas of specific things I would do, like play more tennis and hire a personal chef.

I’m also going to share some of the best things my friends said.

At the end, I’ll try to encourage you to do this exercise and attempt a conclusion.


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