Best Marriott Bonvoy Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand

Last updated: March 27, 2024

I recently spent 10 days in Bangkok, Thailand.

I stayed at many of the top hotels in the Marriott Bonvoy network all located centrally or in downtown Bangkok.

I also stayed at one of the nicest hotels, The Four Seasons Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River.

This is a review and collection of my video tours of my favorites.

St. Regis Bangkok

See my video review and tour of this property here:

This was probably my favorite hotel in Bangkok. I loved the central location and how convenient it was to get to the centralwOrld Mall.

Here are some things that I liked about this hotel:

  • Cold plunge pool and beautiful lap pool.
  • Great views from some of the rooms looking out onto the racetrack and the park.
  • Butler service, which is famous at St. Regis Hotels.
  • Decent lobby and a good breakfast.
  • Very nice rooms with a desk for working.

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River

See my video review and tour of this property here:

This is one of the newest, most modern hotels in Bangkok.

A lot of people are writing about it and I certainly enjoyed my time there. However, I found it to be rather expensive and the location was not good at all.

But it is a nice hotel and if you are planning to usually stay in the area, then I would recommend it.

    • Huge pool and multiple swimming pool options.
    • Nice breakfast, although the line was insane.
    • Convenient river shuttle to the very famous and enormous Siam Center.
    • My favorite part was the free swimming lessons and there are other free gym classes that you are eligible for when you are a guest.
    • Be sure to ask for some extra mango candies from your housekeeper.

Le Meridien Bangkok

See my video review and tour of this property here:

This is perhaps my favorite value hotel.

The nightly rates are reasonable.

The rooms are very modern. The breakfast is great.

And all the rooms have a bidet! Which i love.

  • Good executive lounge with dedicated staff and nice options.
  • Location is convenient although in a slightly busy nightlife area.
  • Once again, I want to stress how much I loved the bidet that was in the room. No other hotels had this.
  • Japanese influence in the room design and the breakfast options.

Renaissance Bangkok

See my video review and tour of this property here:

This was my next favorite hotel and possibly tied for the best value.

One of the reasons I loved it is because it is an easy walking distance from the centralwOrld Mall that is also near the St. Regis Hotel.

The Renaissance Bangkok has a nice indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and a decent if outdated gym.

  • I don’t think that the breakfast was included, which was a little bit of a disappointment.
  • The hotel is a bit hard to access off the street and you have to walk a little ways.
  • For only $55 extra per night, they offered me an upgrade to a huge suite which I loved.
  • One of the biggest reasons why I love this hotel is simply due to its location and affordable price.

Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse

See my video review and tour of this property here:

This is one of the newest hotels I believe, within the Marriott Bonvoy network in Bangkok.

The room feels nice and fresh and new, and features a lot of good art.

The executive lounge is enormous, and the gym feels very modern.

Most importantly, this has one of the best pools with an infinity type design and beautiful views of the downtown Bangkok Skyline.

  • Great pool views from sitting out on the lounge chairs looking at the skyscrapers.
  • Nice executive lounge with a good breakfast.
  • Seems like more of a locals option who come here for a staycation.
  • The location was not ideal and not near any of the major malls.

JW Marriott Bangkok

See my video review and tour of this property here:

This hotel is located near a lot of Arab restaurants and attractions.

The executive lounge was nice. But not amazing.

My room was modern but not incredible.

This hotel really was just mediocre. I would not be mad if I had to stay here again but I would not seek it out.

Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Bangkok

See my video review and tour of this property here:

This is probably the most affordable hotel in Bangkok that has all of the amenities that you could want.

It is an enormous property. There were many, many families here.

The gym is one of the biggest gyms that I have ever seen at a hotel. And I’ll be honest, I loved that.

There may have been a cold plunge and a sauna but I forget.

  • Enormous breakfast buffet with decent food options.
  • The largest gym of any of the hotels I visited in Bangkok.
  • Rooms were average-sized and nothing special.
  • Price is very affordable.
  • Decent location that is a bit central and downtown.


My favorite hotel property was definitely the St. Regis Bangkok. I love the gym and the cold plunge and the spa services and the very nice breakfast.

If I was on more of a budget, then I would consider the Le Meridien Bangkok and the Bangkok Marriott Surawongse.

The Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River was very nice with beautiful interior design. But I did not like the location.

I hope that this is helpful for your next trip to Bangkok, Thailand!

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