Career Day: Tips and Tricks for Speaking at Elementary School

This is the best advice, tips, and tricks for speakers at an elementary school career day. As collected from educators, friends, and colleagues.


My girlfriend invited me to speak at her school for Career Day.

I immediately thought: How do I speak to children? What do elementary school kids want to hear at a Career Day?

I’ve been reading a lot about charter schools, so I was excited to finally visit one. And I was especially excited to talk about entrepreneurship to Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade classes in New York City.

Man (me) wearing a suit and sitting down and holding up a sign that has a color printed image of a Goa Stone Case, made of solid gold Me presenting to students about one of my favorite objects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


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Speaker and Mentor to Business Students in Monaco

Museum and Business School Team Up for Healthy Planet!

In April, I traveled to Monaco with an organization called Monaco Impact. I was invited to work with students participating in a really cool museum consulting project at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

Group shot of the students, the Monaco Impact team, the museum team and me!

Monaco Impact & Students from IUM

Monaco Impact is an organization that promotes the soft power of Monaco. They work to promote Monaco as a world center of philanthropy and social impact.  (more…)

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Icebreakers and Activities at BestSelf Unlocked 2018

Ever since promoting Tasia to the CEO role of Museum Hack, people have been asking me: What exactly do you DO now?

I’m still figuring that out! I love business conferences and workshops (kinda hate them, too) and have been attending many.

So when my friend Cathryn Lavery from Best Self Co asked me to help host their BestSelf Unlocked 2018 customer event in New York City, I SAID YES. (more…)

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Sally Hogshead Is A Very Good Keynote Speaker

Usually I hate keynote presentations via video conference for large groups. It is nearly impossible to connect with the people on the other side, jokes fall flat, and the speaker just can’t read the room.

But today I was supremely impressed at the way that Sally Hogshead made her keynote speech via video to me and my friends in the Less Doing Live 2018 workshop.

If you host webinars or aspire to be a great speaker, keep reading to see the exact tactics I noticed that Sally used. For example, I was impressed with her ability to engage the audience using call and response, custom stories, and excellent pacing.


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