How to Introduce Two People via Email (2020 Update)

Based on my experience, the best way to introduce two people via email is as follows.

  1. Get permission from both people to make the introduction
  2. Send an email to both people

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to do that for maximum success.

drawing of two hands reaching out, preparing to connect and touch

Get permission

Before you make an email intro, make sure that both people agree to it!

This is called a double opt-in email introduction.

The biggest mistake you can make is not asking permission, or at least giving a heads up, before sending the email to introduce these two people.

How to get permission

Step 1: Email person 1

Hi Person 1, can I introduce you to Person 2? She works at xxx and I think you can talk about xxx. If you agree, then I will send you both a new email.

Step 2: Email person 2
Note: You don’t have to wait for Person 1 to reply. I usually send both of these emails at the same time.

Hi Person 2, can I introduce you to Person 1? She works at xxx and I think you can talk about xxx. If you agree, then I will send you both a new email.

Send an email to introduce the two people

You are ready to introduce the two people via email. Here is the message you will send.


Use a subject such as:

Subject: Person A, meet Person B


In the body, I like to say something like this:

Person A, you work at XXX and I met you at XXX. We did this together.

Person B, you like XXX music, you work at XXX and we met at XXX.

I think you two would benefit from knowing each other because XXX.

You’re both expecting this email. I hope you can connect.

Sample email message

Here’s a sample email showing how I would introduce two people, Roger and Allison:

screenshot of a sample email message draft of how I would introduce two people via email
Draft of a sample email in Gmail that I would send to Roger and Allison, perhaps for them to talk about business development companies or investing. You can also add your signature at the end.

Then send the email!

Send them the email now to make the introduction.

But wait: there’s an important next step. Hopefully they will include you, perhaps as BCC:, on their reply.

three people, like stick figures, one in the middle is a shadow

The reply

It is courteous for the first responder to Reply-to-All but move the introducer to BCC.

For example, if I introduced Roger and Allison, then I would like to see their first message blind carbon copy (BCC) me.

To: Allison
BCC: Nick
From: Roger

Nick – thanks for the introduction! Moving you to BCC.
Allison – I live near the XXX – maybe we could meet up for coffee sometime?

If I do not get included in the initial reply back, it could be my last introduction for those people.

Why do I want this?

Because I am nosy. That is the main reason 😂


Now you know how to make an introduction to two people. You understand the importance of the double opt-in email.

My name is Nick Gray and I wrote this article.

I started and sold two multi-million dollar companies: Museum Hack and Flight Display Systems.

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