I’m a 38 year-old American man living in New York City. Founder of Museum Hack (sold 2019) and former Partner at Flight Display Systems (sold 2014).


I have spent the last 17 years habitually over-sharing my life on the internet. As such, you will find hundreds of unflattering photographs and video clips of me. I make no apologies for this. But trust that I will be ever as charming, and three times as attractive, when we meet in the flesh.

     A Brief History of Nick Gray (That’s Me)


Texas, Georgia, New York City • Wake Forest University, Clark High School and Forsyth Central High School, Hendrick Middle, Matthews Elementary • BuddyGopher, vs3 Web Services, TechnoTeen, GIF Animation Station • Arden Lake, Hunter’s Glen and Grove Park subdivisions in Kennesaw and Cumming, Georgia; Plano, Texas; and Mission Viejo, California. • I was an actor in the movie American Pie 2; you can see my six word performance on the DVD in the deleted scenes section. • My interview with Eugene Levy and Williamsburg, Brooklyn tea parties (not the political kind).