Hair Loss: What I’m Doing About It

I’m 37 years old now and the hair on the crown of my head is thinning. 

So I did some research, talked to experts, and started taking some medicine to mitigate future loss and instill new growth.

Here are the resources that were helpful to me and what I’m doing now.

My Hair Loss Plans And Next Steps

I spoke to a dermatologist, asked a lot of friends, and then hired Bauman Medical from the below podcast to do a medical consult with me.

Based on all of that advice, I’ve decided to begin the following:

  • Daily 1.25 mg Finasteride (generic Propecia / Proscar)
  • Daily 2x topical application of Minoxidil (generic Rogaine) 
  • Daily hair healthy vitamin supplement (Nutrafol on Amazon, but if you wanted to save money you could take any good biotin and saw palmetto)

Podcast: The science of male and female hair restoration

This podcast is what helped start my renewed interest in taking a proactive role against future loss. Hair thinning and loss affects almost 100 million Americans!

I’m a paying subscriber to the Peter Attia podcast and he’s become my go-to “guru” for health stuff lately. Listen to the podcast here or read the show notes 📝  

I’m kind of worried that this blog post is sounding like a scam with hair loss stuff, but it’s a real problem that affects a lot of people and not a lot of guys that I know talk about it. But 🤔 whatever. YOLO. I’m writing about it. 

Video: Try Guys Get Microblades and Hair Implants

My friends Amanda and Chelsea told me about this show and these episodes. I really enjoyed them! 

Having surgery like this is typically a last resort. I will wait to do this until after I’ve tried some medicine first.

Other Hair Loss Things I Considered


The dermatologist and Bauman Medical said this actually works to stimulate the hair follicles and results in new growth. The tech has greatly improved over the past 10 years. You need to do it every day and not off and on. Because of my travel schedule, I’ve decided not to start wearing a laser cap. But if I didn’t travel so much, I’d seriously consider making an investment in a low-level laser system like this one on Amazon ($599).


This is a medical procedure where they draw blood and then spin it up (or down?) then re-inject it into your scalp. It works really well, but it is very expensive. From Bauman Medical, it costs around $3000 and lasts 14 months. You’d have to get it almost yearly. This is a very effective treatment and is best for people who have more advanced hair loss. Perhaps I’ll do it in a few years.


Hair loss continues to be a taboo subject. But it affects over a billion people on earth. Many men are fine to lose their hair as they age. I bet I will be some day, too. But for now I like my hair and want to keep it a while longer.

It was fun to go down this rabbit hole of research, talk to smart people about it, and then make changes in my life (taking medicine) to hopefully change something about myself.

Have you thought about hair loss, taken some of these medicines, or explored transplant? Let me know in the comments or send me an email to hello@nickgray.net


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