The Secret Sauce to Hiring Our 61 Superstars

I love hiring great people.

But, damn: it is really time-consuming and energy draining.

I just counted: as of this morning, we have 13 full-time employees, 45 part-time employees, and many great contractors who all help to make the Museum Hack magic.

When we first started to hire tour guides and operations staff, we knew we wanted to cast a very wide net to find the best and brightest candidates.

Because we’re a fun place to work with flexible hours inside some of the best museums in the world, we also knew that our “Renegade Tour Guide” job would be in high demand by job seekers. It didn’t hurt the position paid $32 an hour.

We needed a way to filter and find the best candidates quickly.

Jen, Kate, and Zak on the Museum Hack team working to review a scavenger hunt. Certain screening questions can help applicants show personality.

A core specialty of our company is designing team building experiences, storytelling workshops and other training events for growing companies.

These experiences rely heavily on using effective stories and questions to help our guests laugh, open up, and share their own perspective.

I want to share how we use a similar “system” to hire our own team and some of the unique and innovative methods we’ve used to improve the hiring process.

These techniques are something you can use immediately in your own small business hiring process. You will see immediate results.

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Examples of Screening Questions


July 19th, 2017|General|

How to Make Your Own Home Museum Displays

My friend Tynan turned his small art collection into a museum-quality display in his home.

You can do it, too. We will show you how.

Tynan's home museum, How to make museum displays in your house The Tynan Museum, located inside one of his homes in Las Vegas, NV.

Tynan has done four things in the above photo that we’ll review:

  1. Custom description labels,
  2. Professional plexiglass case,
  3. Featured lighting, and
  4. Custom wall mountings.

I interviewed him to find out why and how he did it.

This article will help you upgrade how you show off cool stuff in your home. You can make your house or apartment feel like a really cool museum.


June 21st, 2017|General|

Trade Show Marketing Tip: Custom Badge Ribbons

Trade shows and conferences are expensive for small business owners.

I’m always on the lookout for great low-cost marketing hacks to generate attention.

I saw GEICO using these custom badge ribbons at a recent conference and was impressed.

This is a low-cost, innovative, and admittedly gimmicky thing you can do as a trade show exhibitor to attract attention for your brand and visitors to your trade show booth.

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June 15th, 2017|General|

What I Learned From Wasting $10k on a New Sales Channel

This is a story about good intentions, government contracts, and throwing money at a dream.

In 2015, Museum Hack hired a company to help us sell into city, state, and federal budgets.

We lost $10,000 and at least 100 hours of one of our most senior employee’s time.

But it wasn’t a total failure. We learned valuable lessons about the right – and wrong – ways to break into a new market.

We thought we could get into government bids for employee training. We were wrong.


June 7th, 2017|General|

Base Layers

I want to talk about a lifestyle and concept that has been world changing for me and friends: base layers.

Base layer, definition: A healthy prequel to the main event.


June 1st, 2017|General|