Mastermind for Amazon Brands at Skubana Accelerate 2018

Last week I helped facilitate an all-day business meeting – a mastermind – of large Amazon and e-commerce brands.

Nick Gray at the Skubana mastermind for Amazon sellers and brands on ecommerce Me at the Amazon brands and e-commerce sellers mastermind in NYC

My friend Chad Rubin asked me to support him in organizing the schedule and in keeping energy levels high.

Chad has sold tens of millions of dollars of vacuum filters on Amazon.

He’s famous in the e-commerce world for his blunt communication style mixed with specific, tactical advice. He’s a “Do this, don’t do that” kind of guy.

This mastermind day was part of a conference he founded called Skubana Accelerate. Forty attendees each paid $1,500 to attend the full-day VIP workshop the day after the main conference was over.


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The Ear: Review of Composer Competition

Last night I attended the first performance of The Ear, a new concept in New York City to attract new audiences to classical music.

It was excellent, and I highly recommend it. Their next show is Friday, 16 Nov 2018.

Musicians on a stage in NYC Musicians assemble on stage between short performances.

In the words of its creator, The Ear is:

like ‘The Voice’ for composers, but way rowdier. Nuttier. Irreverent. Cheering in the middle of the music. Heckling the emcee. Drinking. Voting for the pieces you want to hear again.


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Book Club: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Many of us “have no idea how our behavior is coming across to the people who matter.”

Our business book club read What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith.

Book cover of "What Got You Here" along with a picture of Goldsmith The book cover, with a picture of the author.

The author is an executive coach with lots of blue chip performance experience.

This book inspired a lot of self-reflection and follow-up discussion. We talked about our entrepreneurial triggers, our weaknesses, and things we can improve in our communication styles. We recommend this book.


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Warsaw, Poland: My Top 6 Favorite Things

My favorites:

  • Best chain diner: Zapiecek
  • Best “milk bar”: Bar Mleczny pod Barbakanem
  • Best food hall: Hala Gwardii
  • Best hipster restaurant: Pyzy flaki gorace!
  • Best park: Lazienki Krolewskie
  • Best hotel in Old Town: Hotel Bristol

Warsaw is an uncrowded, clean, gentle Eastern European capital city.

It made an excellent first stop on my family’s Eastern European trip in August 2018.

These are my tips and favorites from a short visit.

To find these places, I used local tour guides, Foursquare city reviews, and guidebooks.


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Book Club: Netflixed by Gina Keating

“Netflix was playing to win, versus playing to not lose.”

How do we all lose faster, so that we can win overall?

Our business book club enjoyed Netflixed: The Epic Battle for America’s Eyeballs by Gina Keating.

Cover of the book Netflixed by Gina Keating Netflixed hardcover. Derek Halpern picked this book. He always buys the physical copy.

The book includes anecdotes and depth about the very early days of Netflix. We get to ride along as Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings created an online DVD store, basically before DVDs were even for sale.


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New York Times Feature On Museum Hack

My company Museum Hack was featured in The New York Times!

It is a great article that gives an overview of renegade tour groups. We are attracting new audiences and making museums more fun.

Group of people having fun at the Met Museum in front of Washington Crossing the Delaware painting A Museum Hack tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For the record, it is STILL my favorite museum in the world

Museum Tours for People Who Don’t Like Museum Tours

By Elaine Glusac, July 20, 2018

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Book Review: Safari by Geoffrey Kent

“Many entrepreneurs agree that it’s our worst vulnerabilities that inspire us to find our greater purpose.”

I read this book with my friends Ramit Sethi, Wayne Mulligan, and Derek Halpern.

I recommend the book. It was the perfect first book for our business book club that Wayne started. It is less of a “nitty gritty” business book and more of a candy-cane memoir.

Four very attractive, diverse, handsome men with varying levels of hair Ramit, me, Wayne, Derek at the first meeting of our book club and discussion group.


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Is a Correction Near? My Current Stock Market Investing Thesis

Warren Buffett says his first two rules of investing are:

  1. Don’t lose money.
  2. See rule number one.

I have been thinking about asset allocation and investing a lot lately.

In what could be a terrible decision, I’ve decided to share my learnings here on my blog. I hope someone smarter than me will correct me where I’m wrong and help point me in the right direction towards better learnings.

Disclaimer: I’m not a trained investor, advisor, or financial analyst. I’ve been lucky and have accumulated a portion of money. Now that the markets are up, I feel I have a responsibility to consider and protect my earnings.

Market Cycles

I’ve read a lot recently about how the stock market works in cycles.

There are cycles of growth (a bull market), and cycles of recession (a bear market).

Market Cycle and recovery and expansion Sample market cycle. I searched Google Images for “market cycle.”


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