New Sudden Coffee Packaging / New Formula?

I noticed in my new order of Sudden Coffee that their marketing materials had been upgraded since my first order. I suspect there is also a new formula that allowed them to lower their prices.

Beige pouch bag and instant coffee plus test tubes
Sudden Coffee tubes and canvas pouch bag

Here are the things that I noticed from my package contents:

  • Very nice cardstock on the images.
  • Feels premium. They spared little expense for this marketing collateral.
  • The “Desk Cat” is cute but not helpful. I’d prefer a box I could stand them up in my pantry, like with the Matcha Ninja instant matcha packets.
  • Same or similar stickers: lightning coffee cup logo, etc.

Printed Material for Biftu Gudina (Ethiopia)

FRONT: Ethiopia
BACK: Ethiopia, this is the Biftu Gudina
Did you know that coffee is actually a fruit?
FRONT: Coffee trivia
BACK: Coffee trivia

Possibly New Sudden Coffee Formula or Method

Since my first order many months ago, the coffee “test tubes” are now entirely wrapped in a red sticker.

red tubes holding instant coffee from Sudden Coffee
Test tubes of Sudden Coffee from Biftu Gudina (Ethiopia) that I received

I dislike this red sticker all the way around because it makes it more difficult for me to know how much is inside. Sometimes I only want a half of a cup. Unless I am drinking tea at Té Company, of course.

I can imagine why they did this: the tubes are not completely filled with organic matter, so they do not want you to get your product and feel (like a bag of potato chips) that it is half-empty.

I don’t have any of the old Sudden Coffee tubes, but based on my old pictures, it appears this might be a more concentrated recipe.

Two photos of the crystals from my shipment:

Beige pouch bag and instant coffee plus test tubes
I poured out one entire tube
brown powdered coffee crystals instant coffee but better
Closeup of the coffee crystals or magical sprites from Sudden Coffee

More Sudden Coffee Instant Coffee Packaging Pics

“Beans” the coffee cat! I tore him out


I still enjoy drinking this. It would make sense that they changed the formula to get pricing from $6 down to today’s $2.37 (based on a price of $19 for 8 tubes). This is the Biftu Gudina (Ethiopia) and let’s see how much organic matter is in the next one.

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