Direct Mail

Direct Mail Examples from Harry’s, Molekule, 23andMe, Lunya

Small businesses can learn a lot from how hot brands write their copy.

This is an unedited scan of a direct mail envelope that was sent to my apartment in New York City via USPS of targeted “Manhattan exclusive” offers.

Click here to download the PDF of all the inserts.

Featuring the following brands: Molekule, Wunder, 23andMe, Boll & Branch, Hubble, CleanChoice Energy, Lunya, Harry’s, and Thirstie.


August 3rd, 2017|Direct Mail|

Direct Mail Review: 9 Postage Stamps

The envelope promised: “Your 9 postage stamps are waiting for you inside.” This is a nice piece of direct mail marketed at small business owners. I’m documenting it here for posterity and respect.

Scroll down for my analysis and commentary.

Direct Mail Letter

Letter has black text on white background The letter from offering the 9 Postage Stamps


April 16th, 2017|Direct Mail|

Bed Bug Insurance in New York

A few months ago, I received this postcard in the mail from what I believe to be either a phony company or a sales funnel test:

picture of a postcard, orange with black text, says: The New York Bed Bug Insurance Company The New York Bed Bug Insurance Co.

After some investigation into the company, I think it is either a scam or a “Lean Startup” business test.

This post details my investigation.


January 11th, 2017|Direct Mail|

Review of Bizfi “Claim Funds” Marketing

My small business in New York City receives about a dozen checks in the mail every month. This letter that Bizfi sent me looks like most checks we get:

Bizfi Marketing Letter Check from a customer?? Actually smart or deceptive marketing from Bizfi!

I opened the envelope and there was a check made out to me and my company, from a business that I had never heard of.

Bizfi fake check Fake check from Bizfi to my company for Six Thousand Dollars


July 18th, 2016|Direct Mail|

University Fundraising Letter from Wake Forest

This is a letter sent to Wake Forest University graduates in May 2016 from the Annual Fund Chair of the WFU School of Business Board of Visitors. I typed it in: READ THE LETTER HERE.

Scan of the letter including WFU letterhead Scan of the actual fundraising letter.

Plaintext copy of the letter and photos of additional inserts are included in this post.

Nick’s Notes and Analysis

  • Great intro to get past my filters. He says, “Let me say up front: I get it.” This is a bold statement which says to me, “You hate fundraising shit. But wait!” I love it.


May 21st, 2016|Development, Direct Mail|