Fru Pinter: Artist and Illustrator

Last updated: October 11, 2023

Fru Pinter is a brand designer and illustrator.

She created many of the custom drawings on my blog and in my book, The 2-Hour Cocktail Party. See a list of all her illustrations in my book here.

Drawings by Fru Pinter

These are some of my favorite pieces of art that Fru has made various articles on my blog.

SaaS Company for Sale

We made this post to help an anonymous friend selling his software company. The illustrations helped make it less boring!

Finger pointing at website, with a rocket going BOOOST

drawing of a roadside sign that says SAAS COMPANY FOR SALE, and yellow bullet MAKE AN OFFER!

cartoon hand pressing a red button that says MAKE AN OFFER

Calendly Message Examples: How to Make Your Meetings More Friendly

I am really passionate about phone calls! I love them. But most people are using Calendly wrong.

The illustrations for this article helped convey some ideas that meeting links can be more thoughtful.

Man standing in a front of calendar filing his nails. Above him 'MR BUSY' banner. A guy with two paper planes in his two hands. One of them is labeled: inbound - proceed with caution. He holds it very carefully. The other he is about to launch is labeled OUTBOUND, with a speech bubble saying: Careful!

My Favorite Podcast Interview: NSL with Ari Meisel

One of my favorite set of blog drawings! This is a podcast that I did with my very good friend Ari.

cartoon image with two flags, one says ESSENTIAL the other says OPTIONAL, people underneath flags with signs like FAMILY, BUSINESS, and VIP (under essential) cartoon of a woman walking a dog named Inbox cartoon inside a museum, person on the floor, saying "The artist might have been inspired by this pose" cartoon of two people sleeping in separate beds, but their hands are united cartoon and the text above it says Black belt hosts host in bathrobes and separates couples

These Stupid Barefoot Shoes Ruined My Feet

Arghhh. I missed arch support. This article talks about how using a standing desk and pounding my feet on concrete all day while wearing Vibram Five Finger shoes and other no-drop shoes didn’t do me any favors.

cartoon of monkey working at a standing desk which looks remarkably like me cartoon of foot walking in peaceful natural nature environment doctor looking at a foot, cartoon podiatrist cartoon of a monkey with white text saying MONKEY SHOES

How a BDC Made $31M from Commercial Ice Machines

We used illustrations to share the story of Easy Ice and the business development corporation that fueled their growth.

cartoon map of USA showing commercial ice machines on map cartoon of Saratoga knight near USA and Easy Ice machines cartoon of knight in shining armor with kitten to show Saratoga Investment Corp and Easy Ice cartoon showing two people and a rocket taking off: Business Development Companies

Investor Relations Firms

What is Investor Relations (IR) and why do companies have these teams? Fru’s work helped again to make a cold, boring business topic more fun.

Cartoon of man in red tie (business attire) watering a plant, meant to represent a Company Cartoon scene that looks like an office party, balloon, three people, and a banner in the back that says: Welcome to Investor Day

I Finally Bought a Tesla

This was totally unique: Fru helped illustrate on top of some photos for one of my most popular articles.

man leaning out the Tesla Model Y window (Nick Gray) wearing sunglasses, and cartoon background text saying VROOM behind him

Red color Tesla Model Y car outside of the Plano Texas Tesla service office, with signs saying Delivery Day and Your New Car
My red Tesla Model Y, ready for me on delivery day.


Fru is one of my favorite artists!

You should definitely hire her if you want some work like this on your company website. I like creative art because it makes my articles more fun.

Fru lives and works in Europe. You can contact her via email, on her website, or on Instagram.

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