I received a credit card which I did not request from Connector Capital today. It was addressed to my business Museum Hack with a $150,000 credit line.

btw: are you a small business owner? I paid $19,000 to take CEO coaching classes from a company called Strategic Coach. See my notes from the classes here on what I learned. Not an ad.

Connector Capital Preferred Card

Here’s the exact letter they sent me, which I never requested, including a real credit card:

Direct mail letter from Connector Capital to small business owners

Letter I received in the mail today, my info is blurred

Disclaimer printed on the back of the letter

Letter Wording

Here are some of the phrases and statements included on the letter:

  • Activate Your Card Now
  • Pease verify this information now.
  • Call now to activate
  • 1-866-275-5111 (866-275-5111)
  • Here is your new Connector Capital Preferred card
  • For program details call…

More Information

The return address on the letter is from: 11693 San Vicente Blvd. STE 190 (Suite 190), Los Angeles, CA 90049.

Related article, but not a scam, this is a resource for small business owners and CEOs: I’ve been taking classes from a company called Strategic Coach to learn how to run my company better. See my notes from the CEO mastermind classes here.

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