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What happens in a Strategic Coach workshop?

In this post I’ll share my notes and photos from today’s Strategic Coach workshop in Toronto, Canada taught by Dan Sullivan. This is all from 11 June 2018 in the 10X Ambition class.

Strategic Coach logo Welcome to our Toronto HQ and please enjoy our wall of plants.

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At each seat, business owners are given our quarterly books and workshop materials.

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Strategic Coach in Chicago: 10X Workshop Notes

My notes from the 10X Strategic Coach workshop on 9 April 2018 taught by Dan Sullivan at their Chicago headquarters.

Random Stuff

  • One of the reasons I love attending Strategic Coach and other business improvement workshops is that I get to be in the same room with other successful people worth millions and tens of millions of dollars.
  • Strategic Coach currently has 15 coaches, 130 employees, and 2500 clients. Wow!!

Group of Strategic Coach staff and coaches in Toronto, May 2017. Credit: Facebook page


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Strategic Coach 10x Notes with Dan Sullivan

Popcorn, stretching, Kolbe, and a Dan Sullivan drinking game that I made up. These are my notes from the 10x Strategic Coach Ambition Program held in Toronto, Canada at the Strategic Coach offices on December 5th, 2016 from 9am to 5pm. This was the 2nd quarterly meeting of my first year in the program.

Binder cover. We get a new binder each quarter. Strategic Coach LOVES physical paper handouts


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Strategic Coach Workshop Review

This was the 2nd quarterly meeting in the 1st-year Strategic Coach program. (Previously: Review of Q1 Strategic Coach in Chicago with Chad JohnsonThe class went from 9am to 5pm on Nov 30, 2016, with breaks every 90 minutes plus a longer lunch break.

I’m starting to like these workshops. We began with self-reported big wins from the past 90 days. This activity gives us business owners the gift of reflection, satisfaction, and a space to be proud about what we’ve accomplished.

Hello Stephanie Song in Chicago! She works for Strategic Coach

The Signature Program by Strategic Coach is a class for entrepreneurs whose businesses are generating at least $500k of annual revenue. There were 24 customers of Strategic Coach in the class, plus Chad (instructor) and three Strategic Coach employees in the back of the room to assist with A/V (hello ladies!). Breakfast and lunch were provided, as well as unlimited non-alcoholic beverages of all type.


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