Museum Hack Company Information

Museum Hack gives renegade tours at the best museums in the world.

UPDATE: I sold Museum Hack, but probably not the way you think. See the story on my blog here. It all starts with a hostile takeover…

Watch my TEDx talk about Museum Hack here:

Some pretty big news publications wrote about us:

New York Times Feature on Museum Hack

I loved this feature in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, too:

I’m so excited. This is me holding a copy. I will explain soon why I am wearing a hard hat.

Before COVID-19, we regularly toured at these locations:

  • NYC: Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History
  • SF: de Young Museum, Asian Art Museum
  • Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago
  • DC: National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery
  • Los Angeles: Getty Museum

Museum Hack

Company Information

In April 2013, I left my job at Flight Display Systems and decided to turn my Hack the Met tours into a business. The reasons I did this were:

  1. I loved giving these tours, and I wanted them to exist beyond just me. What if I moved out of NYC? What if I was unable to make time on weekends to give tours myself? In starting a business around these tours, we could guarantee that it would still be available and not reliant upon just me.
  2. To gain experience running my own business in New York City, and to become a better leader.
  3. Not financially motivated. You’ve got to be crazy to try and get rich working with museums.

So. That’s sort of how it all started.

Today, Museum Hack is an awesome little company that works with over a dozen 50 amazing tour guides and support staff. We lead very passionate and very exciting adventures. Many companies hire us to plan their corporate offsite, organize a team building event, or facilitate storytelling training.

In 2018, I promoted Tasia Duske to CEO of Museum Hack. She’s doing great! Here’s the announcement about that and why.

This page was (quickly) written on Saturday, April 12th 2014 and updated three years later on April 16, 2017. I love this company, I love museums, our team is amazing, and we are pouring our hearts into this to make a sustainable company that gives museum tours in a fun, new way.

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