What happens in a Strategic Coach workshop?

Last updated: March 24, 2022

In this post I’ll share my notes and photos from today’s Strategic Coach workshop in Toronto, Canada taught by Dan Sullivan. This is all from 11 June 2018 in the 10X Ambition class.

Strategic Coach logo
Welcome to our Toronto HQ and please enjoy our wall of plants.

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At each seat, business owners are given our quarterly books and workshop materials.

Willpower Doesn’t Work book cover
Desktop view for Strategic Coach clients with our new book assignments

Dan Sullivan’s book this quarter is called Capableism. We also received a copy of Willpower Doesn’t Work by Benjamin Hardy.

Read my highlights and notes from the Willpower book here.


The interior index page gives us an idea of what we’ll do, including activities and discussion about:

  • How You Make Your Money
  • Ten Biggest Game Changers

We will also work on handouts with these titles:

  • The Moving Future
  • Your Next Four “Who’s”
  • _______’s 4 x 4 (Ex: Melissa’s 4 x 4)

Capableism by Dan Sullivan

Grow your capability, Grow your collaboration, Grow your business
Small table in the office featuring the new quarterly book Capableism by Dan Sullivan

Dan’s newest book is a response to what he’s seeing in today’s news cycles and political movements. He said:

  • Capitalism is a way of channeling individual’s desire to be more capable.
  • Look at what people are striving to do. Generally, they all want to be more capable.
  • The book gives you an insight into how you can help people be more capable.

4×4 with Dan and Melissa

Two people in an office presentation as part of the Strategic Coach 10X workshop class
Dan and Melissa in the front of the room during a 10X workshop

Dan and Melissa reviewed Melissa’s 4×4 so we could see the definition of her role. This include elements for:

  1. Performance: Alert, Curious, Responsive, Resourceful
  2. Results: Faster, Easier, Cheaper, Bigger
  3. Being A Hero: (position-specific)
  4. Drives Dan Crazy: (position-specific)

Group Discussions

Three clients of Strategic Coach in Toronto
Kathy, Jose, and me during one of the breakout sessions in our Strategic Coach 10X class

Several times during this day, we broke out into small groups to discuss what we wrote on our worksheets. This happened during these times:

  • The Moving Future
  • How You Make Your Money

Interesting Clients

Me and Kym from Australia taking a cookie break during the workshop
  • Kym is a Consultant from Australia, who bought a business for $700k and sold it eight months later for over $10,000,000.
Me and Steve, two clients of Strategic Coach 10X program
Steve has been one of my biggest supporters in Strategic Coach! He lives in Detroit and got me interested in fasting.

Client Cocktail Party

After class, we were all welcomed to visit Dan and Bab’s lake house for a private cocktail party with appetizers and stimulating conversation.

Brochure for cocktail party
Nice brochure for the Cocktail Party that Strategic Coach hosted last night

I don’t say “stimulating conversation” lightly: I was genuinely inspired and challenged in my thinking during the party. It is always fun to hear Dan’s world view and opinion. He regularly speaks with hundreds of successful business owners so he sits with a very unique perspective.

Regan and me, outside in the garden at Strategic Coach party
Regan from Salt Lake City and me at the Coach Clients Cocktail

New Cafe at the Toronto HQ

Here are some photos showing the updated interior after the recent renovation.

Interior view of office cafe
New cafeteria, closeup view after lunch showing large seating area
Inside view of an office cafeteria in modern style
Wide view of the new cafe in the Strategic Coach Toronto HQ office


I like these classes and I’m happy to be a paying client. There’s something special about being in a room of other successful business owners who are all dedicating time to self-improvement and growth.

Our eyes only see and our ears only hear what our brain is looking for.
This new quote is displayed to all visitors as they enter the office.

Video Behind The Scenes

Can’t see video here?

More Information


  • Paul Uduk: I’ve read so much about Strategic Coach and I’ve bought four of Dan’s books, including Unique Process Advisors and The Dan Sullivan Question. Your posts have rekindled my desire to join a Strategic Coach Program and I hope to do so hopefully by the second quarter of 2021 at the latest.

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