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Nick Gray - video from Justworks

A few months ago I was interviewed and Museum Hack was featured in this video from our PEO, Justworks.  As soon as you hire your first employees, things get really complicated really fast. You have to carry specific types of insurance, pay lots of payroll taxes, and eventually offer health insurance.

Museum Hack uses Justworks for all of this. We couldn’t have grown to be our size today without their help. I’m featured in this video interview talking about how and why we use them to grow.

Video Transcript

I recently promoted Museum Hack’s Chief of Staff, Tasia Duske, into the CEO role. Read about it here.

My favorite thing about Justworks is the safety and security that it gives me. When it comes to employment laws and taxes liability, they’ve got our backs.

My name is Nick Gray and I’m the founder and CEO at Museum Hack.

Museum Hack does renegade live museum tours, usually about two hours, at the world’s best museums. It all comes down to having a good time.

Some of the amazing Museum Hack team.

Running a small business isn’t easy, whether it’s reporting, accounting, finance and payroll, managing staff, hiring, and marketing, there’s a lot to deal with.

Before Justworks we used a lot of different systems but no single source to manage all of our staff. It’s like an outsourced human resources department.

The systems and tools that they provide have allowed us to scale the business. It saved us money too. When we shifted our staff from contractors to employees there were a lot of variables. When I signed up for just works though I knew that they were going to take care it. We were able to roll out health insurance so much sooner than we originally planned.

When it comes to Museum Hack tours, it’s all about having a good time.

The thing that our employees liked about using Justworks is that it’s a centralized platform, they can manage everything. One other way that Justworks saved our staff money is with their easy commuter benefit system.

I looked at a lot of different solutions, it just made more sense to use Justworks. Pay one fixed fee and everything’s handled for you.

Short Version of Video

Bonus Video

Our team created this video two years ago to apply for a Justworks feature. We weren’t selected at that time, but the video still makes me LOL.



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