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New York Times Feature On Museum Hack

My company Museum Hack was featured in The New York Times!

It is a great article that gives an overview of renegade tour groups. We are attracting new audiences and making museums more fun.

Group of people having fun at the Met Museum in front of Washington Crossing the Delaware painting A Museum Hack tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For the record, it is STILL my favorite museum in the world

Museum Tours for People Who Don’t Like Museum Tours

By Elaine Glusac, July 20, 2018

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Hi from Australia: My First Time on Live TV

I was interviewed on live TV and radio in Australia about Museum Hack for my speaking and presentation at the Victoria Creative State Summit.

My friend Tynan said this vest makes me look like I’m going to do magic at a kid’s birthday party.

I was a guest on a program called The Drum on ABC (Australian Broadcast Corporation). This is a national news program that talks about current affairs. It airs right at the primetime, meaning there were millions of people watching. What’s up Australia fam!


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[VIDEO] Feature Video from Justworks

A few months ago I was interviewed and Museum Hack was featured in this video from our PEO, Justworks.  As soon as you hire your first employees, things get really complicated really fast. You have to carry specific types of insurance, pay lots of payroll taxes, and eventually offer health insurance.

Museum Hack uses Justworks for all of this. We couldn’t have grown to be our size today without their help. I’m featured in this video interview talking about how and why we use them to grow.


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The Secret Sauce to Hiring Our 61 Superstars

I love hiring great people.

But, damn: it is really time-consuming and energy draining.

I just counted: as of this morning, we have 13 full-time employees, 45 part-time employees, and many great contractors who all help to make the Museum Hack magic.

When we first started to hire tour guides and operations staff, we knew we wanted to cast a very wide net to find the best and brightest candidates.


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