Museum Hack in Southwest Airlines

Museum Hack in Southwest Airlines

Neat to see Museum Hack featured in a flight magazine!

Here we are in the April 2018 issue for Southwest, where they say that our “offbeat tours of well-known institutions are a work of art.”

April 2018 cover and feature of Museum Hack on p45

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Museum Hack: These offbeat tours of well-known institutions are a work of art.

Here’s how founder Nick Gray describes the museum tour company: It all started on a romantic date. A woman in New York City invited me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I didn’t really like museums, but she gave me a private tour that unlocked a sense of curiosity about art and history. Free tours of museums can be very standard, academic tours, so I wanted to create something fast-paced and high-energy. That’s what Museum Hack is about. There are games and challenges, and you’re using your phone to take pictures; we have a Boy Wizard tour and one focusing on women’s roles in museums.

And the tours are led by the best tour guides in the world – we’re talking Broadway actors, stand-up comedians, science teachers. We tell visitors the juicy gossip and scandalous backstories behind the art. A lot of people are intimidated by art museums. They don’t think museums are a place for them – I mean, that’s what I was like. But with a Museum Hack guide, they make it relatable, they you the best stuff, and they give you a sense of ownership over the space.

Museum Hack By The Numbers

6: cities with Museum Hack tours

We are in NYC, Chicago, SF, DC, LA, and Philadelphia! Tickets here

2 hours: average length of tour

1.25: average miles walked on a tour

$59: average cost of tour

Pictures / Scans

Jason Bishop on the cover doing a magic trick
Cover of the April 2018 issue of Southwest The Magazine
Full-page spread featuring Museum Hack

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  • Amy Petulla: Love Museum Hack! Telling all my guides to read this article.
    • Nick Gray: Thanks Amy! I’d be interested to her what your guides thing of the post! Keep me updated.

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