Museum Hack featured in Chicago Tribune

Great article with an excellent headline:

One museum tour, with extra sex and violence

Museum Hack on a team building tour in Chicago
Museum Hack guide Sarah Dunnavant, right, talks about Pablo Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist” during a tour of the Art Institute of Chicago. (Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune)

By Steve Johnson of the Chicago Tribune

It is a crowded Thursday night at the Art Institute of Chicago. One tour group after another strolls through the impressionism and post-impressionism galleries, hopping from Monet to Manet and making the obligatory long stop at the “Grand Jatte” island.

Sarah Dunnavant’s group is among them, too, but not really. The painting they’re looking at is something entirely different both from the impressionists and the other paintings of its time.

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Nick’s Commentary

Great article and great press for Museum Hack. I think this means we’ve truly made it in Chicago :-)

Our Chicago team of renegade museum tour guides is truly awesome.

I wish it would have talked a bit more about the team building work we’re doing with companies in Chicago, bringing them to the museum, etc.

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