Camper List: Nick’s Birthday at Camp Metropolitan

Last updated: October 9, 2023

Richard Murray

Richard is a Senior Associate at AllianceBernstein (AB), a research-based asset manager responsible for over $540B. He is driven by a passion for financial literacy, lives in the financial district, and regularly hosts private events for friends and business partners to connect and exchange ideas on topical matters.

Alex Godin

Alex is the Founder of Farmstand, a startup non-profit working to end hunger. Ask him about the time he bought 600 hand painted oil paintings of emojis. He had a small startup that was acquired by Meetup a few years ago.


John Exley

Loyal. Recruiter at Yieldmo, Advisor to startups and investors, and Manager of a rapper and a singer. Loves the New England Patriots and coffee (always double-cupppped).

Max Lugavere

Max is a filmmaker, author, TV personality, and health expert. He loves to learn, experiment, sing and play guitar. Frequently featured on the Doctor Oz TV show. Very good at social media.

Avi Flombaum

As the Dean and co-founder of Flatiron School in New York City, recently acquired by WeWork, Avi Flombaum has changed thousands of lives by teaching people – with little to no experience – to code and actually launch careers as developers. A self-taught programmer and CTO-by-20, Avi is passionate about helping people learn to love code. Loves crypto.

Mary Pilon

Mary is the author of The Monopolists, the New York Times bestselling history of the board game Monopoly and the forthcoming The Kevin Show (March 2018). A journalist who writes mostly about sports and business, she’s a regular contributor to a bunch of print, digital and television publications and lives in Brooklyn with her piano and a Moby Dick-themed bathroom.

Alexandria Fisk

Alexandria is crafting a “Portfolio” life, currently consisting of:

  • Strategic thinker and executive coach for hire, working with brilliant people doing interesting things
  • Founder of Descendant Cider the first cider company in the five borough’s, bringing small batch craft cider to the locals.
  • At the beginning of a slower adventure to create an upstate cidery, that started with 500 apple trees that were planted this year.
  • Email: [email protected]

Anya Krawcheck

Anya is an actor and chess teacher living in the South Bronx. Interests include yoga, historical fiction with strong female protagonists, hiking, world heritage sites and my cat (Lucille).

Kira Rosoff

Kira is a Dallas native, but going on 11 years in NYC. A family office business development professional by day and Netflix aficionado by night. Will travel for sushi, during ski season, and on a moment’s notice.

Charlie Todd

Charlie is the Founder of Improv Everywhere and performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He enjoys hidden-identity games, craft beer, and bike rides with his 3-year-old. He lives in Hell’s Kitchen with his wife Cody and son.

Cody Lindquist

Cody is the host of the Two Beers In podcast at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and an actress from shows like Broad City, Master of None, and The President Show. Loves General Hospital and Iced Coffee.

Loren Brill

Loren is founder & CEO of Sweet Loren’s, a delicious all natural cookie dough company that is building the next brand name in clean baking. She loves yoga, healthy living, spontaneous adventures, and dinner parties. Lives in NYC and CA.

Lindsey Martin

Lindsey is the founder of @bloom, a place for women to find friends, work partners, and mentors. Speaks broken Mandarin, loves pugs, very into NYC real estate, lives in Lower East Side.

Michael Roderick

Michael is the founder of Small Pond Enterprises, a company focused on the intersection of relationship building and thought leadership. He loves comic books, connecting people, and lives in Harlem.


Jake Bronstein

Maker and marketer of stuff: Buckyballs, the world’s best selling desktoy, Flint and Tinder, a clothing company that crushed Kickstarter, and more. He likes Jagermeister and talking about ideas. Dad.

B.A. Van Sise

B.A. is a portrait, features and travel photographer for lots of magazines, has exhibitions in three museums at the very moment. He thinks everybody he meets has something to teach him. He moved to Long Island City when it was a barren wasteland full of rolling tumbleweed. (Just flew in from Africa this morning!) Some of his portraits were recently acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in DC.

Blake Eastman

Blake is the Founder of Nonverbal Group and Beyond Tells. He conducts large-scale studies on human behavior and focuses on improving human communication. He is currently traveling the world with his girlfriend and studying behavior cross-culturally.

Mark Chait

Mark is a veteran book editor (HarperCollins, Penguin, etc.). He loves to work with authors and help make their dreams come true. Co-chairs the Brooklyn Book Festival (non-fiction). Digs music and running. Lives with his wife and son. Helping Nick to produce a book about cocktail parties!

Charles Forman

Charles is the former founder of OMGPOP, the design studio behind the popular game Draw Something. He sold it, made “FU money,” moved to Battery Park with his wife Yuni, and now he’s spending a lot of that “FU money” to create a new type of movie studio. His popular storyboarding software has been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

Lara Hogan

Lara was VP Engineering at Kickstarter and Engineering Director at Etsy. She loves celebrating achievements, supporting underrepresented groups in tech, and lives in Brooklyn. She’s a very popular public speaker and wrote a book about public speaking, too!

Amy Ling Lin

Amy is the founder of sundays studio, a wellness salon that combines manicure with meditation along with health nontoxic products. She loves to travel to countries that she doesn’t speak the local language of. From a small Chinese village to West Village in New York.

Jeremy Redleaf

Jeremy is a filmmaker & entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Caveday. He loves building communities of weirdos. Can tell you how to get to Sesame Street. Recently married.

Nathan Adkinson

Nathan is the Director of Strategy at Local Projects, a design studio on a mission to reinvent museums, stores, and public spaces. He judges every experience by how well it engages each of the five senses.

Michael Alexis

Michael does Marketing at Museum Hack. He lived in China, now lives near Chinatown. Believes child slavery is a solvable problem.

Tony Bacigalupo

Tony is a coach and strategist for collaborative spaces, organizer of corporate brainstorming events. Loves eradicating loneliness, spreading positive cultures of empowerment, and live band karaoke. He started one of the very first co-working spaces in the world!!

Tasia Duske

Chief of Staff at Museum Hack. Passionate about people development. Twin. Teaches body pump group fitness classes for love of the pain. Former president of her college sorority. Turned some Marriott hotels into the best-rated customer experiences in the USA. Now helping Museum Hack grow and thrive in NYC for the past 1.75 years.

Mirza Nagji

Mizra is a 15 year NYC native, semi-professional cryptocurrency and real estate investor, champion poker player, full-time bond trader, big time party boy, lover of making new friends, and all around positive viber. Talk to him about investing and NYC real estate.

Ari Meisel

Ari is founder of Less Doing, helping people and businesses optimize, automate, and outsource everything.

Ramit Sethi

Ramit is the Author & CEO of I Will Teach You to Be Rich. He writes for 1 million readers every month on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and psychology. He knows good Asian restaurants in NYC & is looking for awesome honeymoon ideas.

Cassandra Campa

Cassandra has spent the last 6 years building successful men’s retail businesses at luxury fitness companies. Most recently, she launched a men’s personal styling service that focuses on teaching guys how to dress with confidence through developing their own style. She would love to get really good at jump rope and Ioves cheese.

Emily Miethner

Emily is the founder/CEO of FindSpark, a community dedicated to connecting employers with diverse early career talent and making the job hunt and career growth suck less for their 27,000+ student and young pro members. Loves boxing, Astoria, and her cat @AndieFurry.

Scott Kidder

Scott Kidder is COO at The Points Guy where he helps millions of people each month travel for cheap or free. Loves travel, cooking, iced tea

Carrie Hammer

Carrie Hammer is a fashion designer and the Founder of Role Models Not Runway Models. Her life’s work is to change the global definition of beauty. Carrie considered herself a feminist, activist, artist, designer, and entrepreneur – not always in that order. She is a California girl trying to make it in the big Apple and loves tango dancing and newly flamenco dancing.

Susan Gray

Susan is a cat lover and cactus gardener who likes tinkering with numbers and financial things. She enjoys planning family travel and country music. Mother to the BEST SON in the whole wide world :-)

Emily Gray

Emily is the best sister ever. She lives in Denver, CO and loves international travel, growing the Denver Christian social scene, hiking to meet cute dogs, and skiing in neon onesies.

Anna Cain Bianco

Anna is an actor, writer, and Museum Hack tour guide/facilitator. She’s a horse expert, weird potato chip connoisseur, and her go-to karaoke song is ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.’

David Gray

President and CEO, Send Solutions, also Nick’s dad. Grew up in Western New York near Niagara Falls. Former US Air Force Instructor Navigator of the KC-135. After leaving the Air Force, he worked Sales and Marketing for various aircraft electronics companies 1983-2001. CEO and founder of Flight Display Systems, 2001-2014. Company sold November 2014. Current projects include; Airtext, an aviation iridium texting product, and Fleetlink, a maintenance and dispatch automated aircraft portal. An Active Instrument Pilot. Super Nice Guy!


Writer, ultralight traveler, soon to be married. Popular blog at and many travel adventures with Nick Gray past / present (including Gray Family Cruise, 2017 to Russia)

Zak Risinger

Museum Hacker and Artist.  Loves craft beers, avocados, and yoga.  Huge science and history nerd- check out Instagram for weekly cool science posts and other fun stuff.  Can be seen in television spots for Portlandia and Geico.  

Ethan Angelica

Ethan Angelica is the Director of Creative and Consulting at Museum Hack. A proud early employee, he has grown the consulting program, new city expansion and third party partnerships, and done a whole bunch of weird tours (ask him about yogurt.). Before Museum Hack, Ethan was a professional actor and freelance interpreter, working primarily with the Central Park Zoo’s Wildlife Theater program and the Statue of Liberty. Ethan has a BFA from NYU in Theater and Middle Eastern Studies, and is often found at far-flung craft beer bars, enjoying the piney-ist IPA he can find.

Emily Kenison

Professional gambler of lawsuits and enthusiastic side hustler. Loves attending Nick’s cocktail parties, loves to make friends and play sports, looking forward to moving back to NYC and into a commune in Gramercy.

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