My Reviews of Professional Organizers in Frisco, Texas

Last updated: October 11, 2023

My parents have a home in Frisco, Texas. I hired two professional organizers to help me tidy.

This is a list of all the personal and professional organizers that I found for Frisco. They all service Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Plano, Richardson, and other spots in North Dallas.

Pricing in Frisco: You can expect to pay $50 per hour for a personal or professional organizer here.
attractive man standing in front of a Tesla Model Y in Frisco, Texas
Here’s me with a Tesla Model Y in front of my friend Marshall’s house in Frisco

I hired two different personal organizers to help clean and sort my junk, and I chatted with five total during my research.

I’m happy that I hired someone! Now my pantry feels like my own mini Costco 😂

Pantry picture with organized items on shelf
I guess my pantry is mostly filled with liquids.

Thumbtack was a great resource for me during my search. There are also listings on Google and other sites.

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post. Nobody paid me to write this, and I paid full price for the organizers that I hired.

Nancy Peham at Helping Hands

I hired Nancy and would hire her again! Nancy was extremely focused.

She happened to have same-day availability, so she zipped over from Plano to me in Frisco.

Me and Nancy Peham, a professional organizer who services Plano Frisco Allen and more in North Dallas, standing in front of my house in Frisco
Me and Nancy Peham in front of my Frisco home.

We worked together for four hours. Her rate is $55/hr with a minimum of four hours.

Review Photos

I’m not showing the “before” photos because I am too embarrassed of all my junk that needed organization help 😂 . It’s not nearly as nice as my old apartment in New York City.

But here are some of the “after” pics:

Wide angle shot of laundry room with washer and dryer in Frisco Texas that a professional organizer helped me tidy up
The professional organizer (Nancy) helped me tidy up a bunch of random stuff that was on top of the washer and dryer.
My Frisco Texas suburban home closet that has had some help from a professional organizer
I was embarrassed to show this pic of my closet because I’m so basic with the plastic organizers and simple wardrobe but YOLO.
Personal vs Professional: Nancy told me that the more contemporary term is “Professional Organizer” instead of what I had been calling “Personal Organizer.”

I wish I would have gotten a selfie together! But we both wore our masks the whole time indoors, so perhaps not much to see. Next time.

Mark S. on TaskRabbit

I hired Mark on TaskRabbit to help me organize my garage.

Mark helped organize everything into the cabinets, consolidate items, and we even stored some things away in my attic. I highly recommend him!

A few weeks later, I hired him again to help me disassemble a desk and haul it away for donation. He’s great at technical and handyman-type engineering tasks.

Before and After: Garage Organization

Here’s the BEFORE for my garage:

Before picture, before working with a professional organizer for garage help
Yikes! I had stuff sort of everywhere in the garage.

And now the AFTER:

wide angle shot of garage in Frisco Texas
Nicely cleaned up, thanks to Mark from TaskRabbit.
Selfie with Mark the Handman in Frisco
Me and Mark from TaskRabbit, selfie in the garage!

Amanda Kay at KAY & CO. Designs

Located in Fort Worth and run by Amanda Kay. She’s nice and responsive!

Amanda Kay in a bedroom, she is a professional organizer and home stylist
Pic of Amanda Kay that I borrowed from her Facebook.

We briefly chatted on Facebook Messenger and phone. Our times didn’t line up, but I would consider hiring her next time for help.

Amanda says: “Being organized and having a space that you love to be in is scientifically proven to make you happier, more positive and energized!”

Jenna Otero at OneCall Home Services

She charges $45/hr and was happy to come to Frisco to help me organize.

Jenna also does real estate work, packing, etc which I didn’t need but thought was interesting.

Jenna told me: “I am running a special right now for a 6 hr session for the price of 5.” Neat! I would check her out since she’s in Plano.

Sue at CleanSlate

Sue was one of the first to reply. But she’s busy! She didn’t have any availability until two weeks out.

Her hourly rate is $45/hr and one interesting thing (which I really like!) is she does a FaceTime call beforehand to get an idea of your home and what you want.

Lisa at Neat Freak McKinney

Lisa is a celebrity professional organizer! My friend Karen in Richardson really wants to hire her.

I haven’t chatted with Lisa, but she’s got a HUGE following on Instagram and travels all around doing fancy professional organizing.


Hiring a professional organizer for the house in Frisco was one of those experiences that I am SO GLAD that I did.

It really felt like a 1+1=3 (or even 4!) experience.


  • 2020-12-20 added pics w/Nancy and pics w/Mark from TaskRabbit

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