My favorite things at home

The minimums guys came to my apartment in New York City and did a photoshoot.

Their site is described as “The most interesting possessions of the world’s most interesting people.” (blush)

Here are some of my favorites that they featured. All photos by Dondre Green for Minimums.

Nick Gray in New York City
Photography by Dondre Green for


Nick Gray thinks museums are f***ing awesome. So much so that he used to lead informal tours of the Met with his friends on the ‘un-highlights’ of the museum on art that wasn’t as popular but had really interesting back stories. Word quickly spread that Nick was making museums fun and he soon had a 1,000 person waiting list.

Museum Hack was born, and it isn’t your grandma’s museum tour. Operating as renegade (but completely legal) tours guides at museums in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, and D.C., Museum Hack is the museum tour for people who don’t like museums. Their energetic, funny guides tell you the stories you won’t necessarily hear on the official tour, and show off some of the strangest, wildest, sexiest art hidden throughout the museums.

My most loved possessions

I’ve never been good at the slackline. I bought this to work on my balance and it is a lot of fun.
I saw something like this online and I asked my best friend’s sister to help make a large version of it. She customized it to fit my space and colors.
I am a total tea addict. My friend Tynan taught me a lot about Japanese green tea.
This is a cool startup in NYC. I can customize the video art from my phone.
This was the craziest, most complicated party I have ever thrown. It is a photograph by Noah Kalina from my buddy Zach’s bachelor party on a deserted island off the coast of Maine.
I love this intricately hand colored hair painting. The detail is great. It’s the first piece of art that I bought.
A lot of people have these photo walls, but I think mine is special because my friends are especially awesome. In order to get on the wall you have to come over to my apartment at least twice.

Nick's friends photo wall

My mom collects nutcrackers. She has hundreds of them. My neighbors Ken and David gave me these and they remind me of home.
This is the unofficial mascot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I love this museum and think about it every day.

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