This is one of the best written, best executed direct mail letters I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot of direct mail.

The printed handwriting is so captivating and authentic.

Did you know?:

  • consumers spend an average of 30 minutes reading their mail each day
  • over 40% of people over the age of 65 do not use the internet AT ALL
  • 92% of millennials surveyed claimed that direct mail has influenced their buying decisions

The list goes on and on but the point here is direct mail is far from dead.

[Note: For easier readability (and so the search engines see it) I’ve put the text of the letter at the bottom of this post]

I know it will rub some people the wrong way, but what did you learn from this? Let me know in the comments.

The Letter (3 pages)

Page 1


Page 2

Page 3



I like this piece because of the balance between a well-written, aggressive sales letter and the creative faux handwriting/customizations.

Analysis of Letter

  • Personalization in Copy: The recipient’s name is used three times on the first page
  • Eye-catching Handwritten Headline: “Look, you are invited…” including the drawing in of eyes for “LOOK”
  • Key underlining and accents in handwritten style
  • Key phrase “100% GUARANTEED” is the 2nd thing written on the page, giving the reader authentic feeling of satisfaction
  • At the bottom of each page, there are handwritten instructions to TURN OVER or NEXT PAGE encouraging the reader to continue down the funnel
  • Many lines include personal pronouns like you, we, my, and I.
  • The actual handwritten copy is in blue ink, but for better display, I have scanned it as pure black and white.
  • Call to Action: There are multiple CTAs prominent throughout the letter. Asking the reader to RSVP, call for more information, and reply as soon as possible.

More Info

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments.


Text: The Letter

Attention: This is an EXCLUSIVE invitation for (first + last name) and may not be transferred or sold.

Do YOU Qualify To Attend This Years “Billion Dollar Breakfast” at the 2018 Traffic & Conversion Summit?

Dear First Name,

Can ONE Breakfast Change Your Business, Your Career and Your Whole Life Forever?

The answer is YES!

With this letter Digital Marketer Traffic & Conversion Summit partners [names] are inviting you to a private breakfast with them to discuss your future.

it’s called the annual “Billion Dollar Breakfast” we hold it every year at T&C and it’s nothing short of life-changing.

Here is the best part…you, [name] have been selected to be our private VIP guest.

You’ll come break bread with [names] and the leadership to see what’s REALLY going on inside our organization and to see how we can help you and yours grow in 2018.

When you accept this complimentary private invitation…

You’ll meet with all of us, plus top members of the Warroom.

The Warrom is our now famous “breakthrough” master group. (FYI, member business range between $2M and over 1 Billion Dollars in annuals sales) so you’ll connect with those truly on the top of the success ladder.

Imagine how just one connection could change your life forever.

Who know, YOU may even qualify for membership yourself.

We KNOW you will have traveled all the way from New York to San Diego so we assume you are seeking a higher level of success.

There is NO better way to do just that than to attend this exclusive breakfast of leaders.

The “Billion Dollar Breakfast” is where you’ll connect with millionaires, moguls and top leaders, but you must qualify.

To qualify to attend the FREE “Billion Dollar Breakfast” you’ll need to:

  • Be on track to do $1M or more sales in 2018
  • Have an open mind and a willingness to share with others
  • Be able to ROI the $30k annual investment for Warroom Membership

To accept our invitation here’s what to do next:
Go, right now to and reserve your spot. There is no charge for those qualified to attend but you MUST R.S.V.P. online to claim your seat.

We will save your seat and send you additional information on how to prepare to get the most out of the meeting.

PLUS, we’ll order your breakfast and reserve your seat.

We are all very excited to have you join us.

See You There,

P.S. IMPORTANT: The dining room’s maximin capacity is only 194 and there are over 6500 attendees at this year’s T&C so less than 3% may attend, tops!

You cannot afford to wait or you WILL lose your seat. RSVP to save your spot now at

P.P.S Remember, The “Billion Dollar Breakfast” is a 100% COMPLIMENTARY, invitation-only event.

However, you must RSVP to attend. It is the most elite meeting at T&C this year and if you are SERIOUS about growth in 2018 you can’t afford to miss it.

Please RSVP right now while it’s fresh on your mind.

Got Questions?

For inquiries or more information, you may also contact Marissa Naab at 512-431-9272 or email

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