Visiting a Wolfdog Sanctuary in Texas

Last updated: September 25, 2023

I wanted to visit a wolfdog sanctuary. It was very important for me that I could take photos with the wolfdogs.

Why? Because I need the photos for my Instagram! 😂

But also I wanted to learn more about what wolfdogs are. And why there are sanctuaries to protect them.

What’s a Wolfdog?

A wolfdog is actually a hybrid animal. It is the result of a domestic dog and a wolf mating. They have a mix of personality traits.

wolfdog licking the face of a man
Me with this adorable, face-licking wolfdog.

Most people don’t understand that a wolfdog is not the same as a regular dog, which has led to a lot of mistreatment of these animals. They can also be difficult to care for. Hence, the need for a shelter like the one we visited.

Wolfdog Traits

Wolfdogs are larger than most domestic dogs. Males are typically around 80 pounds, and females are around 70. They’re taller, too.

Wolfdog breeding can sometimes create an unpredictable personality. I learned that there is an ongoing debate about whether or not a wolfdog makes a good pet.

a phot of gray wolfdog sticking its tongue out
A serious-looking wolfdog stares down my camera.

How to Interact with Wolfdogs

Wolfdogs can be friendly, but not as friendly as your standard Golden Retriever. Most are really quite timid. That takes some getting used to.

When you’re hanging out with them, there’s a feeling like they are constantly sizing you up and responding to your energy.

I learned that the more wolf DNA a wolfdog has, the more likely it is to act shy, timid, and unpredictable.

Texas Wolfdog Project & Shelter

My friend Courtney loves wolfdogs!

For her birthday, I surprised her with a private tour to visit the Texas Wolfdog Project & Shelter.

a friendly wolfdog licking the face of my friend, Courtney
Courtney with this ever-so-sweet wolfdog during our private trip.

They set us up with a 90-minute private tour where we had a full run of the place.

We got to meet, pet, and feed the wolfdogs.

Some of my favorite parts were seeing the wolfdogs with their different colors and personalities.

Some of them were very shy. Some were less shy and would come up to meet us.

Getting a Private Tour

We reached out to the shelter and they were willing to give us a private tour for a $100 donation.

The private tour was fantastic and I highly recommend it. You must schedule it in advance.

Here’s a link to their website for more information about scheduling a private tour.

Feeding the Wolfdogs

These are some photos of us feeding the wolfdogs.

We gave them this dry food.

photo of a hand holding dry food
Holding some of the food and treats that we gave the wolfdogs during our private tour.

Wolfdog Photos

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this was a fantastic visit.

The wolfdog shelter is located about 1 hour from Houston, Texas. It took us 3 hours to drive there from Austin.

One of the best things about helping to support a volunteer-based shelter like this one is that it helps to keep these dogs safe and even find them foster homes.

Since so many people misunderstand what wolfdogs are and how to interact with them, they often experience abuse and neglect.

I highly recommend visiting a shelter like this if you have any interest in these wild and unique creatures. We had a great time and were so glad to support this organization.

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