The Historic Charleston Foundation invited me to visit and speak about Museum Hack. I made these two videos during my 22 hours. I can’t wait to go back.



Video Transcript: Day 1 in Charleston

Today, I’m just gonna try to make a quick video. Me and Julius are driving. I just got here and I’m excited.

The hotel room

Cool hardware device next to the bed. This thing called the Cubietime. USB port power plug. Awesome!

The tour

This guy John LaVerne met up with me at my hotel and took me out on a walk of downtown Charleston. He showed me great things like the first chandelier ever in America in this old church. He has ghost tours and food tours. I enjoyed it and it was cool to see old Charleston. One thing I liked was just the flowers around town. Charleston’s pretty with little alleys like Zig Zag Alley down here. Apparently you gotta explore it by foot, see the coast harbor area.

The speech

Sponsor shout out! Historic Charleston! Hello from Charleston! The Historic Charleston Foundation brought me out here and I’m gonna talk about Museum Hack. My speech was held at the Charleston Museum. Alright, I’m about to go up and speak. I’m here in Charleston. There’s my friend Halle, here’s my audience and there’s….I was first introduced by Kitty whose in charge of the Historic Charleston Foundation and then Winslow introduced me next. “This is my favorite piece of art. It’s at the Metropolitan Museum. I think I’ve seen it like…” My speech went great and then I took some selfies with people afterwards like these guys. Hey, they know me from Ramit! And this person. She knows Tony. Other people came up that love museums like these people. Thanks for volunteering.

You had one job

Just finished my speech. I’m here with my friend Halle. Hi! I’m sorry I messed up on video taping. You had one job! You had one job! I had one job and I did it wrong. Okay, that’s a wrap! Thanks for watching!

Video Transcript: Day 2 in Charleston

The day begins

My day starts like most days, eating leftovers in a hotel room.  That’s normal, right?

The Nathaniel Russell House

Yo, this is Winslow and he’s taking me inside the back entrance of the Nathaniel Russell House.  Whenever I see one of these try-on areas, this one’s called the try-on trunk, I’ve got to do it for myself. These things are so much fun.  Great pictures! They were my tour guides as we explored the house. This is sponsored by the Historic Charleston Foundation and we got to look around the whole house before it was open to think about how we might reinterpret it for an audio tour. The most famous part of the house is the cantilevered stairwell, three stories tall, amazing architecture and craftsmanship.  VIP visitor access stairs.  Hello everybody! Oh look at this sofa! Great color blue. This house across the street is an incredible example of Charleston house design, more about that later. Little bit into my interests “Pursuing Elegance in a Time of Change.”

The Aiken-Rhett House

Next up, completely different but owned by the same trust is the Aiken-Rhett House.  It’s located across town. It’s easy to see with this yellow color.  Here were my two tour guides, again with Winslow. We explored the space starting out with the slave quarters and the kitchen area and it’s very very different. It’s known in a style called “Preserved as Found.” This space is a lot more challenging, literally. Hello from inside the house.  Let’s come in. Two highlights of the Aiken-Rhett House. One, is this double parlor, the most famous room. And then second, is this back art gallery through these doors. Incredible space! And that is a rap for my tour. Thank you very much for walking me around two very different spaces.  Winslow to the airport.

YouTube link here: You had ONE job!

YouTube link here: House museums in Charleston

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