An End to Unlinked Logos

Last updated: October 11, 2023

I recently worked with a designer to redesign my personal home page.   One thing I wanted to include was the logos of the many places that have written about me and my company.

I decided that all of the logos on my website should be linked to the original source articles.

I noticed that a lot of websites include these logos as a credibility factor to make them sound more important and let people know that they are legitimate. I have also seen people who include logos of questionable integrity, so maybe they were barely mentioned or never mentioned in these sources.

I can never tell because the logos are never linked to the original source articles.

Often times logos aren’t linked to the original articles.

I seem to remember a tool that was popular which automatically generated logos from a variety of famous news sources, such as Wired and the Wall Street Journal. A code was created allowing anyone to paste it on their home page for immediate credibility.

For that reason, I’ve decided that all of the logos which I include on my website should be linked to the original source articles.

This is what the logos look like on my website.

Here’s an example of each article that I am linking to for each article that’s included.

Sure, some of the articles I’m linking to are 5 or even 10 years old, but I believe that by linking to these articles I establish more credibility and give the viewers a chance to get more depth about me.

Here’s My Challenge To You

  1. Do you have logos on your home page?
  2. Are you are using them to give yourself more credibility?

I challenge you to link to the source articles.

Do the logos on your homepage link to the source articles?

Maybe you are doing this already, but if you are not, I think we should all embrace the practice and assume that any logo that is not linked to a source article is of questionable integrity and maybe not valid.

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