Experience Transformer and Delegation Filter, Workshop Notes

August 18th I attended a Strategic Coach CEO workshop in Toronto. The Day Two Strategic Coach Signature Program session was taught by Patti Mara. These are some of my notes!

My job as CEO: Run a profitable, growing business.

A pic of Patti and I

 Today’s Agenda:

  • Experience Transformer
  • Pocket Coach
  • Unique Ability Expander
I am ready to rock!

The Gap

This is an exercise where we look where we are today and then look back at one year ago.

Some notes from my session
More notes

Bigger Problems

The facilitator asked us a question that made me think hard. She said,

Do you want to have 1 million dollar problems or 5 million dollar problems?

Goal: Prepare ourselves for bigger problems.

As CEO’s that’s our goal=solve problems.

The Greatest Teacher

We learned about a new tool called “Experience Transformer” which was described as “the greatest teacher.” I drew this graphic from the notes on the display:

The graphic

Your head is a dangerous neighborhood. Don’t stay there too long.

Jack Welch Video

“Trust and Truth most important than biz”

Focus Day Structure

These focus days could/should be the profit engine for Museum Hack.

Big rocks

  • 80% money making
  • 20% breathing room

Focus day calculator

What 3 things to drive the business forward?

  1. Biz Dev/New Products
  2. Hiring: Cheerleader + Champion (People: New and existing)
  3. Farm Team

Unique Ability Expander

We did a worksheet. I am not including it out of respect for their intellectual property. This worksheet asked us to think about what activities in our work and lives we want to do more of, and which activities we want to do less of.

Dream Team

This was an activity where we talked about all of the different roles that we would love to have in our business to help us do the things that we are not good at or do not want to do.

Here is a picture of all of the things that the facilitator wrote down which we said:

Dream Team

Delegation Filter

Patti introduced the delegation the filter, which is also called the impact filter. You can read more about this in some other blog posts that I have written here:

Q&A with Dan Sullivan

At around 4:30 pm, we were treated to a Q&A session with Dan Sullivan. This was the first time Dan has joined the end of a workshop.

Great benefit of this class being in Toronto! I wrote down a few takeaways and quotes.

Some people are trapped in the past
Some people are trapped in the future
Both have a hard time dealing with the present


Pronounced “Must-See,” it stands for:







Dan believes that his greatest impact on entrepreneurs is that he helps them free themselves up from their prior success. He helps them get back to the simplicity of when they started their business. This really resonated with me; I’m thinking about my own mindset when I started Museum Hack, and wanting to get back there for innovation and new product design.

Dan is unapologetically not interested in helping people start businesses. The idea of getting from $0 to $100k in sales, he says, “that’s not interesting to me.” He’s more interested in growing already established businesses.

I’m only interested in taking what’s already good, to make it better. I have no interest in taking average or mediocre to good.

Nick’s Workshop Notes

Patti does a good job of crowd feedback and interaction/calling on a lot of people

Memories that jab at you until you’ve learned the lesson…then you drop the emotional attachment to it.

Quote from Patti

I appreciated the faster, more upbeat music after lunch. As well as the avocados in the salads, thank you! I love those healthy fats. The food at Strategic Coach is always fresh, well-cooked, and healthy. I think I drank 10 cups of tea today, wow. Didn’t sleep well the night prior (possibly due to all of the tea I drank yesterday). Patti was a great facilitator. I’d rank her my second-favorite, after Chad.

More Information:

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