These are random and raw notes that I took during the REMIX Summit in New York City on March 22-23, 2018.

Follow The Speaker

I’ve never seen this at a conference before: after each session, REMIX provided a secondary track (aka audience allowed to leaving the speaking hall to go to another location) for people to connect with the speaker. This was meant to replace audience Q&A.

During my presentation, I made a HARD SELL for people to come to my session. I noticed that most speakers were getting only 0-3 ppl in attendance. So I was really happy to get an egaged, active group!

Nick Gray and museum executives on the USS Intrepid

Me and a roundtable discussion group of museum executives aboard the USS Intrepid

Participants came from institutions such MoMA, Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Getty Leadership Trust, Cornell, and more. GO TEAM!!

Key Trends with Peter Tullin

Creative entrepreneurs taking existing assets and connecting them to new trends. Example of Secret Cinema, a London-based organization which told attendees “Don’t tell anyone!” Re-creating awesome movies with real-life activations / immersive experiences.

Slide about Secret Cinema

Peter from REMIX on stage of Day 1 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Early Coffee Shops

The drink was a mud-sludge version of coffee, probably from Istanbul.

Image of an early Enlightenment-era coffee house. This was a slide, and I found it on Wikipedia too

They’d talk about the big ideas of the time. They’d ask new arrivals, “What news have you, sir?” Eavesdropping started here.

Creative Collisions, Creative Cities

Innovation. People look towards Silicon Valley as the successful model. But areas like East London, New York, and Berlin have more appeal to some. King’s Cross in London: The biggest regeneration project in Europe. Google is constructing their largest building outside of the USA.

Infrastructure to Encourage Creative Collisions

Second Home: Near Brick Lane in London, designed by Selgas Cano.

Holzmarkt Berlin: Creator-owned space. Gets around the “Yes you’ve made the area awesome. Now you need to leave because you can’t afford it anymore.”

acmi X: Moving image museum in Australia. They helped to create the world’s first co-working space for the moving image.

State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

Most-visited library in the world. Covers an entire city block. Recent $88M redevelopment. REMIX helping to thing, What is a library for the 21st century and what does that look like?


How do we make cities more efficient, enjoyable, and fun for all?

Human-centric design. Startups as a great way to de-risk investments.

“People who work in government and people who work in technology are not so different – they want to change the world at scale.”

Green City Force

Two people on stage

Lisbeth Shepherd, Founder with a Green City Force team lead. I sat nearly in the front row on the first day!

They recruit New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents age 18-24 with a GED or Diploma. They become AmeriCorps members through a partnership.

80% of their grads have jobs or are in education now.

The Audio Revolution

Iggy Pop HATES broccoli. He hates it so much that sometimes he’ll come out on stage with a head of broccoli around his neck to inspire him with passionate rage (because he hates it so much). His contract rider says that he should have a bowl of broccoli florets in his green room so that he can hurl them in the garbage before he walks out on stage.

1,000 new podcasts are created every week. They can be a communication tool for a tribe.

Successful podcasts have:

  • Compelling story or idea.
  • Character.
  • Voice.

Story. Engaging character or host. Voice.

Cuseum and Brendan Ciecko

Brendan Ciecko speaking on stage at REMIX NYC

Cuseum makes great apps for museums

He had the best, most well-designed slides.

Fusing the Physical and Digital Experience

Presented by Keir Winesmith from SFMOMA. He had the most memorable slogan: GLAMAZON, which he says stands for

G alleries
L ibraries
A rchives
M useums
A quariums
Z oos
O bservatories
N ature Spaces


Can You Hear Me Now? The Age of Assistance

One of the best speakers so far: Adam Gerhart, U.S. CEO of Mindshare. Opening story of his small daughter and Amazon Alexa device.

  • Incidental commerce, fight for loyalty
  • Incidental loyalty is not necessarily driven by love for a brand or product, but is driven by the fact that you have used it before, so it becomes the default option for a voice assistant to order.
  • Whatever the last brand you purchased = the first brand you’ll get offered in a voice-serviced commerce world
  • Determine your “autonomous risk”
  • Identify the audio requisites of your brand and category
  • Establish or enhance your audio “packaging”
  • Over-invest to be the first e-comm purchase in your category in a household for CPG

Georgia Frances King, Deputy Ideas Editor at Quartz

What’s an Ideas Editor? Excite and energize people, understand what the world looks like in the future. She works with Op-Eds for Fortune 500 CEOs, Nobel Prize winners, etc.

Quartz as a company: many email newsletters, an app with AR integration, they make lots of charts, Bot Studio + Workshop, etc.

Future thinking is split between: Utopia vs Dystopia. Tristan Harris as the center of ethics etc.

Random Conversations

  • Huge influx of Chinese to Australia: students, residents, and tourists. This is a VERY WELCOME influx of cash.
  • Sotheby’s is sponsoring something called “The Museum Network” whereupon they advertise and promote special exhibitions around the world. Seems like a well-funded, long-term initiative.
  • VR World expanding to 18 cities within the next year.

Day 2: Intrepid Museum

It’s my first time on an aircraft carrier! This is cool.

Very cool gentleman is pictured outdoors near a WWII-era jet maybe

Iā€™M ON A BOAT! The boat is so big, it has tons of planes on it.

History of Intrepid:

  • Survived 4 kamikaze attacks
  • 550,000 sq feet (same as the Chrysler building)
  • 50% of the ship is not open to the public

The High Line

  • Almost ALL of their operating budget is funded by Friends of the High Line, wow! Approx $12m/yr now. NYC only gives maybe 1% of their annual budget, just for power.
Bar graphs, gray vs green

Positive economic impact of the High Line to NYC tax revenues

Gray outline filled in of USA and some of Mexico and Canada

Map of the USA shows High Line Network sites

Jake Barton and Local Projects

Engagement First Museum. “We look to create Museums and Public Spaces that engage.”

That’s a fundamentally different design. Not about scholarship, learning, reading, ingesting, etc. But Local Projects says: What can visitors do? What’s the active tense we can put them in for this experience? So they can become an active participant in the experience.

London Mithraeum looks really neat, I want to go here! Thanks Bloomberg.

The End

Editor’s note: Many speakers not listed had valuable input which I wasn’t able to capture in notes. Shoutout to the LinkedIn guy and the President / Director of the Museum of the City of New York.

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