Recently, I got to fly on a private jet from Bordeaux to Manchester. It was AWESOME!

Video Transcript

Hello from the inside of a private jet! We are flying in Europe from Bordeaux to Manchester. What up pilots!

Selfie with the pilots! I hope this is legal

A Quick Tour

I’ve only flown in a private jet once before so I’ll give you a little tour. Let’s take a look inside the cabin. Alright, I’ll pass it back. Here’s the pilots behind me. I’m gonna pass it back to Lexi. Alright, keep going back. Now, you can see the inside of the cabin is…oh my gosh…is a little bit small…okay we’re gonna finish the video now.

The Plane

Cheers from the air! Bye guys! We flew at an altitude of 38,000 feet which was pretty awesome. This is the view as we were coming in to land in Manchester. The plane was a Cessna Citation CJ1. Thanks for sponsoring the trip David!

The plane we flew in, a Cessna CitationJet CJ1