Major Donors to the Pérez Art Museum Miami

Last updated: January 4, 2023

These are the donors, benefactors, and patrons of the Perez Art Museum in Miami, Florida.

This list was compiled directly from the museum.

President: $50,000 and up

Nedra and Mark Oren
Patricia Papper
Darlene and Jorge M. Pérez
Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst

Director: $25,000 – $49,999

Arlyn and Stephen Cypen
Debra and Dennis Scholl
Louise M. Sunshine

Stewardship: $10,000 – $24,999

Sari and Arthur Agatston
Conchy and Tony Argiz
Suzanne and Chris Armstrong
Arlene and Wayne Chaplin
Madeleine Conway
Manuel A. Diaz and Robin Smith
Melina and Eugene Goldstein
Mireille Chancy Gonzalez and Tomas Gonzalez
Rose Ellen Meyerhoff Greene and Gerald Greene*
Diane and Werner Grob
Carole and Ira Hall
Deborah and Larry Hoffman
Susana and Alberto Ibargüen
Nedra A. Kalish
Patricia and William Kleh
The Honorable Amy Dean and Alan J. Kluger
Kandy Kramer
Jeff Krinsky
Lucrecia and Juan Loumiet
Christy and David Martin
Gail S. Meyers and Andrew C. Hall
Diane and Robert Moss
Alejandra and Luke Palacio
Julie and Mark Paresky
Sylvia T. Pope
Craig Robins
Gloria G. Scharlin
Roz and Charles Stuzin
Padma and Raj Vattikuti
M. Thérèse Vento and Peter MacNamara
Susie and Walid Wahab
Sharon and Marc Watson

Benefactor: $5,000 – $9,999

Miriam and Jose Bared
Janice Banks
Gingi Beltran
Angela and Louis Birdman
Randall J. Bodner
Russell and Judith Carson
Linda and Martin Cohen
Yolanda Gasalla-Colindres and Jorge Colindres
Maureen and George Collins
Rebecca L. Besson and Stuart B. Cooper
Carol and George Crapple
George D. Crowley, Jr.
Elizabeth Dascal
Francine and Joseph Deitch
Kristin and Chapman Ducote
Elisa Estrada
Karen and Jonathan Fryd
Ambassador Steven Green and Dorothea Green
Aaron Lieber and Bruce Horten
Martha Macks -Kahn and Peter Kahn
Jane and Gerald Katcher
Jean and Jay Kislak
Susan Kronick and Edward Shumsky
Meena Chugani and Pradeep Kumar
Sandra Lapciuc
Marcia Levine
Aida T. Levitan
Christina and George Lindemann
Marie and Harley Lippman
Barbara Marquez
Camille and Patrick McDowell
Anna and Arla Mehrabi
Henry Parra
Hal Philipps and Greg Kendall
Susan and Howard Rubin
Carole and Oscar Seikaly
Jane and Barton A. Shallat
Lois Siegel
Jerry Speyer and Katherine Farley
Elizabeth and Lewis Swezy
Dorothy Terrell
Thomas van Straaten and Nadine Asin
Sara Williams
Richard Yulman
Peter Zubizarreta

Patron: $2,500 – $4,999

Susan S. Abraham
Effie and Nelson L. Adams
Jeffrey Akin and Lisa Schejola Akin
Kayrita Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Acenas
Lynn Atkinson and David Drucker
Georgette and Daniel Azoulay
Tracy and Alisa Bahl
Patricia and Victor Bared
Tania and Christopher Baros
Irene and Irv Barr
Carol and Myles Berkman
Bobbi and Stephen Berkman
Ana and Mitchell Bierman
Jamie Blond
Brad Buchanan and Sean Buchanan
Rita Cabasés Goñi
Alejandro Robles and Marta Cabrera
Mr. and Mrs. William Canida
M.N. and F.A.
Merci and David Carlson
Joan and Vincent Carosella
Alicia Celorio
Doreen Chambers and Philippe Mounrougie
Jackie and Jonathan Chariff
Ted and Jan Charles
Christina and Nick Cindric
Connie and John Cioffi
Sue and Charles Cobb
Marshall W. Coburn and Fernando Lopez
Lourdes and Timothy Collett
Henry and Margarita Courtney
Lisa Crane
Chantal D’Adesky-Scheinberg
Nancy Jean Davis
Raul and Mily de Molina
David and Lisa Desmond
Elizabeth R. Miller and James G. Dinan & The Dinan Family Foundation
Marc Druckman and Vanessa Nunez
Mary Claire and Alex Espenkotter
Alexandra and Eric Fabrikant
Alfonso and Raysa Fanjul
Julie Ferguson
Vivienne Pestana and Alex Fernandez-Casais
Janine and Michael Froelich
Nina Fuentes
Barbara and Richard Furman
Marilyn Gadinsky
Jill and Harold Gaffin
Jared and Michelle Goldberg
Linda Alexander-Gomberg and Gene Gomberg
Yvette Costas and Steven Gombinski
Nacira and Orlando Gomez
Joshua Greenman
Felipe Grimberg and Eduardo Ojeda
Dr. Jacqueline Green and Dr. John Grossman
Carole and Frederick Guest
Raul Guijarro
Monique and Alex Halberstein
Ernest* and Diane Halpryn
Karen and Kenneth Heithoff
Ann Henderson
Lois Whitman-Hess and Eliot Hess
Ronald and Miriam Hinds
Carola Hinojosa and Sabrina Maclean
Nathan Hirsch
Marilyn Holifield
David Stephen Hope
Drs. Carrie and James Horst
Renee and David Hover
Gaby and Carlos Kauffmann
Suzanne and Barry Keeley
Bernita King
Steven Kozlowski and Arron Rimpley
Mimi and Larry Kuppin
David Landsberg
Barbara and Richard Lane
Barbara C. Levin
Jerry M. Lindzon
Dr. Willie and Lyra Logan
Gloria Luria and Nancy Cohen
Sumera and Zahoor Makhdoom
Adriana and Ricardo Malfitano
Olga and David Melin
Paulette E. Mintz
Nancy and Medwin Mintzis
Marijean and Rafael Miyar
Yael and Eduardo Muller
Susan and Joseph Nehman
Belkys Nerey
Helen and Jim Neuberger
Ramiro and Patricia Ortiz
Linda and David Paresky
Adriana Pinto-Torres and Tracy Ferrer
Oscar O. Rey
Susan Bell Richard and Dennis Richard
Silvia Rios Fortun
Pilar and Stephen Robert
Elizabeth Rudolf
Sharon Schultz
Anthony Serrano
Teresa and Bernard Shuster
Jacqueline Simkin
Valeria Zuban and Andrew Simon
Marte and Paul Steven Singerman
Molly Snyder
Deborah Sponder and Francisco Arevalo
Eugene and Jean Stark
Michelle and Richard Stark
Samuel Strauch
Pat Strawgate
Amy and Howard Vogel
Karel Volot
Loree and Rodger Wasserman
Bruce R. Watts, Jr.
Judy and Peter Weissman
Janda Wetherington and Robert Borlenghi
Betty and Michael Wohl
Ray Ellen and Allan Yarkin
Judy Weiser

Friend: $1,000 – $2,499

The Honorable Tomas Abreu and Maria Abreu
Evan Acosta
Marie Alejandro Bravo and Ariel Acosta-Rubio
Bunny Adler
Mario A. Aedo and Michelle M. Mendoza
Emma and Sia Afra
Ildiko Soltesz Agha
Sylvia and Edward Agostini
Evelyn Aimis
Raffoul Ajami
James E. Akers
Helmut H Albrecht, MD and Eve del Rio, MD
Christine Allen and John Lyman
Marina and Emilio Alonso-Mendoza
Patricia Alvarez and Marco Bevilacqua
Dr. Gloria Alvareztorre and Dr. Hamid Nassery
Joan J. Ambrose
Amarilis Amorós
Bo Anderson and Nicholy Huyer
Jim “Rent Free” Anderson and Princess Andree Juliette Brun
Marivel Andreu
Rocco M. Angelo
Stephanie Ansin and Spencer Stewart
Toby Lerner Ansin
Louis J. Appignani and Laurie Pallot-Appignani
Corrinne Arazi
Marc and Brigid Arel
Alberto Arias and Wood Kinnard
Alan and Ivette Atkinson
Dr. Gayle Atlas and Mr. Kenneth DeMott
Lisa Austin and James Hoffard
Ernesto Avino
Lily and Jose Azel
Javier Bacariza
Antonella and Sandro Bacchelli
Andreea Baclea
Michele and Scott Baena
Dr. Ramon Baez
Rita Baez
Zandra Bailes
Deborah Baker and Moises Egozi

Visit Notes

I visited the museum on November 1st, 2015. Here are some of my notes from that first experience.

Outdoor and Checkin

  • Awesome!! Huge ceilings, modern and clean.
  • Display w hanging garden-type lush plants. Slowly dripping huge columns of vegetation a nice contrast to stark concrete and metal building.
  • Construction outside due to other museum renovation.

Front Desk

  • 4 attendants and nobody in line (Sunday 13:10). I was welcomed.
  • No formal bag check? Or lockers. Asked me to check my backpack and gave me a pickup slip. Can’t remember the last time (ever?) that the museum person who gave me admission ALSO checked my bag. Cool!

Free Guided Tour at 2:30pm

  • Asking for questions and prep for interaction.
  • Talked about the Donor Wall and who gave how much etc.
  • Started with a big group and went outside to talk about how Bulding was made (Swiss architects from Basel).

Conclusion and More Information


Original post: November 4, 2015 -- Last updated: January 4, 2023

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