Zerve is closing for business. My company has used them happily for three years. Here is a list of all the online ticketing people who reached out to me after my blog post to say that they are accepting Zerve sellers on their platforms.

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“Several of our clients use Zerve in some capacity today and accesso ShoWare would certainly like to be on the list to help others in their transition. We serve some of the largest attractions and tours around the globe, but also do a great business with smaller attractions many of whom fall under the Zerve model.”

Joe Wettstead at Accesso


“You might want to add Artful.ly to list of alternatives on your blog. We didn’t build Artful.ly specifically for tours, so it might not have all the features folks are looking for, but it’s easy to set up, supports adding a donation to a ticket purchase, tracks ticket sales in a robust CRM, and is built buy a nonprofit that helps artists. It might be a good fit for some groups. Let me know if I can answer any questions or be helpful in any other way.”

Selena at Artful.ly


“I came across your article, thanks for setting up that page! I think it’s great that you took the initiative to create this for everyone in our industry.

Was wondering if you wouldn’t mind adding ActivityRez to the list of booking software providers. ActivityRez has been in the industry since 2000 and we’re based out of Hawaii with nearly every activity supplier here using our platform in one form or another. We have free and paid plans as options for anyone looking to come on board.”

Michael at ActivityRez


“I’d encourage you to recommend and add EzTix to your list. We worked with Zerve for 8 years, becoming close to Scott and his team along the way as we became one of the largest Food Tour operators globally.

Just under two years ago we transitioned to EzTix when we didn’t share the same vision with Zerve’s growth and investment strategy. It was the smartest decision we could’ve made then and sadly proven even more true as of today’s announcement.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for creating a page for Zerve sellers to reference. It will be a tough few weeks for them.”

Shane Kost at Chicago Food Planet Tours signature


“Hi, we have been in the tour management software business since 2010 out of Charleston, SC. I would love for you to add me to your list. We are a small company but our features far surpass all our competitors and our customer service can’t be beat. I’d love to speak to you about your software needs, give me a call.”

Barbara at Indexic

Peek Pro

“I manage partnerships for Peek Pro. I’ve just gotten word that Zerve will unfortunately be ending their service next week and wanted to introduce myself.

Today, Peek Pro is the #1 reservation system in the USA for tour and activity operators. Peek is backed by the founders of companies like Google, Twitter, Stubhub and Travelocity. We take great pride in constantly investing in best-in-class technology, outstanding partner support, and a mobile-first platform.

I know changing systems will be a big undertaking, especially during your busy summer season. We help take care of the heavy lifting and want to make it as easy and quick a transition as possible. Tour operators who have previously switched to Peek have immediately seen an improvement. Tim Nealon from Ghost City Tours has this to say about his experience:

“Our transition from Zerve to Peek Pro was not something we took lightly. After two years of discussions, we finally made the switch and we could not be happier. We immediately saw our sales increase 20%. Many people think that all reservations systems are the same, but that’s simply not true. I could not recommend Peek Pro more highly.”

We’re available to chat whenever you are – whether that’s today or over the weekend. Please feel free to contact me directly here or by phone at 415-361-5564.”

Jenny Brennan at Peek signature


Zerve has just recommended them! See this page for more info.

Gabriel Procaccino at FareHarbor signature


“Wanted to reach out regarding the news about your Zerve discontinuing their services. We’ve developed a ton of respect for Zerve and what they have done for the industry over the years, and we hope everyone on their team is doing ok.

If you’re looking for another online booking option we might be able to help. We’re offering a special discount for existing Zerve partners and we also don’t charge you any credit card fees (they’re built into the fee passed onto ticket buyers). We’ve had a number of partners reach out to us already and are working to help them make the transition with as little impact as possible. If you are interested in learning more about our service please don’t hesitate to give me a call directly at (206) 388-3654 x102.”

UPDATE: Special landing page from Giso

James Melcer from Giso signature


Rezdy.com is “easy for any booking software providers to call themselves the best, but Rezdy is the best kept secret for tour operators. Very powerful booking software, 1,500 happy customers, 15 full time support staff in Las Vegas and the largest distribution channels connected: Expedia, Viator, Great American Days, Get Your Guide (exclusive to Rezdy), Haiwan (exclusive to Rezdy) and another 1,000 smaller agents.

We are very unlike Peek and Zozi as we help supplier to get more agents – that why distribution channels love us – we don’t compete with them. We are very unlike Fareharbor as we don’t charge a hidden commission fee paid by customers – price sensitive business owners appreciate.”

Simon at Rezdy signature

Starboard Suite

“We’re available to provide a smooth transition for any existing Zerve customers. Our reservation system does everything that Zerve does, and much more! And, our pricing is fair and transparent. We’re a profitable business, and we’re around for the long-term. If there’s anything I can help with, or any questions I can answer, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.”

Mike Fleisher at Starboard signature


My name is Anthony and I run sales for TrekkSoft. We are a booking and payment solution similar to Zerve. I actually interned for Zerve when I was 18 and I felt then the true power of their system. I’m originally from New York and have booked many tours through them.

I was on this site: https://nickgray.net/end-to-zerve/ and wanted to ask if you could also include us as alternate solutions. We started the TrekkSoft office in NYC at the end of 2012 and had a good 3 year run until we decided to move offices to Switzerland. We still have a remote office in the city which I go back for half the year.

You can read all about us here: https://www.trekksoft.com/en/, basically we’re a booking system for all types of tour companies. We work with over 1200 companies in 126 different countries. You can either put our book now button on the website like this: http://www.harlemheritage.com/2012/06/01/harlem-gospel-walking-tour/ or you can actually build a brand new website for free like this: https://www.bus2alps.com/en/. We also work with: http://www.sandemansnewyork.com/.

If you have any questions, please ask away but it would be great to be included as suggested booking platforms. Have a great Friday!

Anthony at TrekkSoft

Urban Adventures

“Just saw the sad news about Zerve. We would be happy to chat with anyone affected by the closure about the options we might be able to offer them. Probably not the simple straight swap option people are looking for but if anyone is interested – we are here and happy to help to keep them running (and get them growing.)

Leave it with you if you think it is appropriate to mention and can send more details if you think it is. Hope the impact won’t be too bad for Museum Hack and others. If there is something else we can do – just ask.”

Tony Carne at Urban Adventures signature


“For day tour and multi-day tour providers, our company WeTravel is a great alternative to Zerve. We are the only company using ACH bank transfers in addition to credit cards, giving tour operators the possibility to avoid hefty credit card fees. We launched last August and have since then transacted more than $5 Million through out platform. Let me know if you would like to know more.”

Johannes at WeTravel signature


FRESH UPDATEZOZI Helps Zerve Customers Transition Smoothly

Lots of great outreach from Zozi, will add soon, sounds interesting but I’d like to see what they are planning for their call center. They are a huge company. — Nick


“Sad news about Zerve. We met a few of them down in Austin last year. We’re online booking system and have over 3000 tour and activity providers using us world wide. Would be great if you added us to your list. Must be horrible timing for the operators just entering their high season. If there is anything we can do to help let me know.”

Jose Morehouse at Checkfront signature

Adventure Bucket List

Jordy from Explore Whistler emailed me: “Just saw your post about Zerve shutting down and alternative booking softwares and wanted to mention that Adventure Bucket List is also offering 2 months free to any company switching booking softwares. I switched over not to long ago and they have been great, amazing support and really friendly team.”


“Wanted to reach out – we’ve been hearing the news about Zerve and would love to see how we can help support you and the many operators in this urgent time. We’ve brought in some extra staff for the long weekend to help get folks set up on AnyGuide as needed, and have also just made it easier to get set up to self onboard and do a self-integration.

We’re working with a lot of high volume companies like Brooklyn Brewery, Peet’s Coffee, and other tour operators around the world. I’m available if you’re able to jump on a quick call and I hope the transition goes smoothly for you.”


I hope you’re doing well, and I’m very sorry to hear about Zerve shutting down. While the industry can get very competitive at times, all of us in the software have a deep understanding of what it means for their employees and for you, as you make a hard transition.

I wanted to let you know that our CEO is in a conversation with Zerve to find a way to support their customers through this transition. I will update you when we know more!

In the meantime, we would love to be added to the list of alternative ticketing brokers. We have facilitated a number of migrations from Zerve to Xola in the past, and are putting all of our resources behind the effort.

Here is a link to a tour of our ticketing software: https://www.xola.com/tour And two case studies from customers who transitioned from Zerve to Xola:

  1. Washington Walks
  2. Dolphin Watch

Ian at Xola signature



  • Gootli

MORE INFO: Comparison Chart for Alternate Vendors to Zerve from Museum Hack that my colleague Ethan Angelica made.

RELATED: Comparison Chart for Alternate Vendors to Zerve from Museum Hack
RELATED: Join our Facebook group “Zerve Orphans” for Zerve Sellers ONLY

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