Notes from Gold’s Gym and Talwalkar’s Gym in Bandra

Last updated: August 3, 2020

Here are some notes from two gyms I have worked out at in Bombay. The two gyms I have visited are Gold’s and Talwalkar’s. Both are in Bandra, a neighborhood in Mumbai.

  • The gyms have an abundance of personal trainers on the floor. Their advice is pretty good. I was instructed to “Full range of motion!” and “Push and breathe out” and “Two more!”
  • It is fun to work out while listening to the soundtracks of my favorite Bollywood movies over the loudspeakers.
  • Both gyms also wouldn’t let me do free weights until I had warmed up on the treadmill for five minutes. That is awesome and a good practice.
  • After working out at Talwalkar’s for the past three days, I can say that the trainers there are very knowledgeable about exercise techniques.
  • One major complaint with both of these two gyms – The free weights are totally unorganized. I always have to hunt for the other 10 kg barbell. Hardly anybody re-racks their weight on the bars, too. It is a mess.
  • Talwakar’s gym has a shaker machine! I actually saw someone using it today. The trainers told me it is a good massage after you work out.
  • Gold’s gym had a nice water cooler, but what caught my eye was the two other unique free workout beverages – Lime juice and Sugar water.
  • Talwalkar’s offers visitors a free 3-day Membership plan. Gold’s offers a 1-time workout pass. Both have a one-month rate of Rs4,000 (approx $100).

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