I almost always carry a small 3×5″ notebook and pen in my back left pocket. There is a small pile of them in my apartment now. The old notebooks look like this:

Nick Gray notebooks

Misc notebooks from the past few months

Some Notes I Collected

  • Mister Selfridge, show on PBS about department store in London in early 1900s
  • Made me LOL: “Just the Tips” is the internal name of an NYC startup’s benefits and operations newsletter.
  • NYC: Y7 Yoga, The Original Hip-Hop Yoga Studio. I want to check this out sometime. via Maggie
  • Visit.org Immersive paid travel for good. “Visit hundreds of impactful non-profits in 40+ countries”
  • Suggestion for marketing: Tweet at journalists instead of emailing them your pitches. via Seth
  • Roam Co-Living in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia $500/wk at a boutique hotel with “battle-tested wifi” looks cool
  • I went to a house party recently for someone’s birthday and was reminded that fresh flowers are the worst gift for a party host. Host has to open them, get a vase, trim, add water, etc. Don’t bring flowers to a house party. Bring wine or food.
  • Book rec to me: Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time
  • Classy, online and mobile fundraising tool for non-profits. Just heard about them and very impressed. Staff of 140 ppl and great content marketing.
  • The Line Hotel in Los Angeles, Zach Klein says it is great.
  • SF: SoundBox and Audium are immersive shows around sound and live music, via Elaine. I want to do this next time I’m in San Francisco.

How I Use Notebooks

I write down ideas, book tips, advice, great quotes, and new things that I hear in conversation.

Writing in a notebook is much less annoying to others than typing in a phone.

It feels more present. And I won’t get distracted by pop-up notifications from my notebook, like I do when I take notes on my phone.

Whenever possible, I try to write the good things down to remember them.

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