[VIDEO] Secret Beach in Monaco

How to find the Secret Beach at Monaco

How to access the secret locals-only beach, and my favorite thing to do (Oceanographic Museum) and the must-see thing there.


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Video Transcript

When you visit Monaco-number one secret beach. Special pro tip that I found out. I’m going to show you where the beach entrance is. Look at this. Looking down right there from the Oceanographic Museum is the special beach. There’s a shower down there. Here’s what it looks like. This is only known to local Monagasque people. The beach is beautiful. Nobody’s ever around. There’s a shower that you can clean off in. Here’s the stairway looking down and how to get there. Let me show you on a Google map. Alright, this is exactly where it is on the Google map.

Google map view of the secret beach in Monaco.

I’m going to zoom in. There’s the Oceanographic Museum right there. You can see it’s on the map over to the right of it, right there. Let me turn on the layers so you can see what it looks like. It’s a tiny little beach that you’ll have all to yourself. Another look down when you actually get there from the street side, here’s the staircase that you’re gonna go walk down all the way to the bottom and you’ll have ocean access on your next visit in Monaco.

Here is a better view of the little secret paradise.

This is the Oceanographic Museum. You may have seen it as you came in. It’s an enormous beautiful structure right on the coast. They have fish, they have sharks, they have sea turtles, they have a huge window aquarium that you can go in and see everything. Oh whoa, I saw a shark! Holy cow! The neatest part though is going upstairs. I’m exploring the museum now and it’s pretty awesome. This room is a cabinet of curiosity featuring amazing objects. They also have a whale room, holy cow, a huge whale. This room is amazing.

This is the Whale Room at the Oceanographic Museum.

Oh, go to the roof cafe. Before I go, I gotta show you this view behind me. You can actually see a lot of Monaco right here. This is Monaco and this is France. The museum treated me to lunch and the best thing I got, you gotta get this, it’s a spinach dish on the menu. Alright, that’s it, the end. Thanks to Monaco Impact for having me. Check out two things, the beach and the museum.

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