[VIDEO] Helicopter and Sharks in Monaco

Last updated: August 20, 2020

Video diary: Helicopter adventure on my first day in Monaco.  Shark tanks, museums of undersea mystery, and boats. Welcome to Monaco!! Filmed on Wednesday 18 April 2018.


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Video Transcript

I’m in a helicopter! I’m in a shark tank! I’m in an airplane…bathroom…wait…what?Monaco…first step. Get a helicopter from the Nice airport. You gotta take a little shuttle there and then board and be super safe just like this. I’ll lock in and take off! This was such a cool experience, wow.

Monaco - view from the helicopter
View from the helicopter. You can see the Musée océanographique de Monaco where I’m headed later.

Hello and greetings from the back of a Eurocopter Helicopter. Flying to Monaco from Nice, France. It’s quite a luxury. Look outside here. That beautiful building right on the coast, that’s where I’m going. That’s the Ocean Museum. Landed, only 7 minutes.

Nick Gray in a helicopter from Nice to Monaco
We took a helicopter from Nice to Monaco.

Now straight to the hotel. Go inside to this view. Wow. I need more boats in my life. Getting dressed now. Next up the Musée océanographique de Monaco, a pet project of the Prince. We’re going into the big museum.

Hey, can I get a little hello? Alright, not everyone loves selfies as much as me.

This is my host committee, my welcome committee. They saved me a spot, boom. This is the VIP. This is the Prince of Monaco coming in. There he is on the left walking forward. The Prince of Monaco right there in the middle.

Prince of Monaco
The VIP guest was the Prince of Monaco.

We’re here to celebrate this new graphic novel about his grandfather who was an oceanographer before it was cool to be an oceanographer, a conservationist and a lot more.

Well, the Prince has just made his grand entrance and the conference is going to begin. Because it’s entirely in French I will go and explore the museum now. Let’s go!

Nick Gray at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
I saw a shark.
Shark at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Shark selfie.

One of the most rad parts about Museum Hack is that I often times get access to museums after their closed like this one. Oh yeah, I should mention this huge giant squid is above me.

Giant squid at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Giant squid!

I’m exploring the museum now and it’s pretty awesome. Look at this. Listen, I’m here in Monaco only for about one day and I’m so l lucky to be able to visit museums like this and see so many great things.

Oceanographic Museum in Monaco
So many cool creatures.

More to come. Tomorrow is my first full day here. After the museum they took me out to dinner which was fantastic. We had a huge group of people that came and they made a nice little toast and welcome.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Loved this museum so much.

Thank you to event sponsors and folks here that are welcoming me and Museum Hack. Thank you for watching my video.

This is the end of my first day in Monaco. Tomorrow is my full day here. If you like this video, please do me a favor, click the like button. It helps me and encourages me to make more of these. Thanks for watching. Your friend, Nick Gray.

Original post: April 19, 2018 -- Last updated: August 20, 2020

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