I recently bought a new laptop desk.  Check out my review below!

Video Transcript

What’s up? New gadget review!

This is a laptop desk that can be used when your using your computer on the sofa. I got this because I was checking email and surfing the internet when I was on my sofa like this, my head was always down. This helps bring your laptop up.

The Unboxing

I’m gonna show you an unboxing. I bought this on Amazon.  It is very simple and basic. And then it’s meant to be used sitting back just like this. The legs also go up and expands and it tilts, but I’m gonna use it just like this, put my laptop on it. It was $49 on Amazon. I am happy with this.

I got the wood grain version and I found that I use it around the house as well when I need some more counter space for various things. Pretty cool product. Folds up and when I’m done with it I just stow it underneath the sofa just like that.

Product Packing

One last thing I want to show you is the cool hack that they did for their box label packaging. This is a simple cardboard box. It’s only using black printing, but what they did here is they printed a color sticker and then put that sticker on top of it to give, in my opinion, this is just a great hack. It gives the box depth and color. It really makes this pop and feel like a premium product. So if you’re interested in B2C Amazon stuff, definitely use that cool little hack. Good product. I highly recommend it.

Interested in getting your own?  You can get your laptop desk here.

Adjustable for any laptop up to 17″


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