Jon Levy’s Book Signing in NYC

Last updated: January 18, 2023

My friend Jon Levy had a book signing today in New York City for The 2 AM Principle.

Me and Jon Levy in Manhattan

Here’s Jon, speaking on stage:

Jon Levy speaking in NYC, photo by the woman sitting in front of me

This is what the book looks like:

The 2 AM Principle by Jon Levy

Random notes I jotted down from Jon’s talk:

What impacts behavior for an adventure? 

  1. Your friend group.
    Nike+ example
  2. Going a new location.
    No familiarity from home to trigger old habits or patterns.

Definition of adventure: an experience that is exciting and remarkable.

People cannot tell the difference between the length of time for pleasure and pain. It is why you can have an amazing three hour date, but if you say something stupid at the end, it may sour your whole memory of it.

Jon gave the scientific study example of where people put their hands in freezing water for 60 seconds, versus 90 seconds and the last 30 seconds of that had the temperature slowly rising… everyone picks the 90 seconds because it ends on a warmer note.

Questions from the audience:

  1. Why 2 AM and not 4 AM?
    Jon says that it depends on the city, but in New York, 2 AM is about the cut off where you are there go to sleep or you really push it for a wild night. In the suburbs or a much smaller city, it may be 10 PM or 11 PM.
  2. What’s the value add of adventure?
    Jon says that is the benefit of getting into flow state, pushing to the edge of your capability.

More photos

The event was hosted at the very nice GLG offices across from Grand Central.

Another picture of Jon Levy speaking


GLG lobby area, 3rd floor of 60 East 42nd St


Beautiful ceilings in ground floor of 60 East 42nd St


Plaque in elevator of 60 East 42nd St in NYC


Behind the scenes: setting up for the book signing, there he is on the stairs


My friend Avi Flombaum came with me. He hates pictures. Maybe if I hide this at the bottom, he won’t see it!

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