Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities. These are three must-do things when you go: Food tour, Tsui Wah, and the Hong Kong Museum of History.

3 Must-Do Things

1. Sign up and pay for a food tour.

L to R on a food tour: Me, my friend Noah Kagan, other tourists, and our local tour guide for the Dim Sum Experience (orange jacket)

“Sign up” = you need to register at least a day in advance
“Pay” = I did some of the free walking tours, and they were not good.

VIDEO: Dim Sum Experience. Lots of traffic at our table during the Dim Sum Experience. It was delicious!

The Best Food Tour Operators in Hong Kong

Garlic crab, a very famous Hong Kong delicacy, did not disappoint. From my Sampan food tour with Humid.

2. Have breakfast at a Tsui Wah diner.

Breakfast at Tsui Wah: Satay beef with instant noodles, eggs, bread, and their famous milk tea

This is equivalent to the Waffle House of Hong Kong. Do it because it is delicious, consistent, and open early when you’re jet-lagged. Order one of the breakfast specials. I enjoyed the Satay Beef w/Instant Noodles in Soup, which includes scrambled eggs, bread, and a famous cup of Hong Kong milk tea. See Tsui Wah and what I ordered for a few seconds right here at the 0:12 mark from my vidblog.

3. Visit the Hong Kong Museum of History.

Me on a Ding Ding at the Hong Kong History Museum. Photo by Noah Kagan

Skip the prehistoric stuff when you first enter. Focus your time on Hong Kong’s history starting with the British occupation. Fascinating. Watch the video in the big theater.

Bonus Tips: OpenRice, SIM cards

  • Download and use the app “OpenRice” to find restaurant recommendations in Hong Kong. Similar to Yelp. I also used Foursquare a lot during my visit.
  • We bought fast SIM cards at the airport after landing. Glad we did.

Advanced advice, for adventurous travelers: Come to any of the municipal Cooked Food Centres like this! Huge cafeteria with dozens of small restaurants inside.

  • Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre 上環熟食中心 — YES!! Almost made my Must-Do list. There are 18 districts in Hong Kong, and each of them have something like this government run centre. There are at least 10 food stalls upstairs, very cheap, very blue-collar, very locals.

One half of PMQ at night. So many independent and artisan shops!

  • PMQ — YES!! Come here!! Almost made the Must-Do list. Many many small shops selling arts, crafts, clothes, etc. Independent small business owners. Large complex. Walk around and explore. It is big and imposing at first. On-site is a nice restaurant, Sohofama, which I would definitely check out. Also curious to see the Gong Fu Teahouse onsite.
  • Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour — Very special if you like gin. My father does, so I would definitely bring him here. Speakeasy in a random mall space. Well-designed interior, friendly staff, free snacks (I think they gave us a huge bowl of chips).
  • Advanced: get the Hong Kong Taxi Cards app to help you show taxi drivers where you need to go. Uber didn’t work for us in Hong Kong in Feb 2018, but there are lots of cabs. The drivers rarely speak a lot of English. This app helps you type your popular destination in English, then show the Cantonese characters to your driver. I paid $1.99 for the app, and the three times I used it, it felt like a life-saver and that I had super-powers.

More Things To Do in Hong Kong

I went to many restaurants and bars during my last visit. These were memorable but not mandatory:

Bars and Desserts

  • Mizunara: The Library — Japanese whiskey house. This place is very cool! Tucked inside, immaculate design, very welcoming. It was the type of place where we felt ashamed to not order and only looking. People were warm and friendly and the space felt the same.
  • Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour — Very special, especially if you like gin. Speakeasy in a random mall space. Well-designed interior, friendly staff, free snacks (I think they gave us a huge bowl of chips).

Tai Cheong Bakery, get an egg tart here. I debated adding this photo, because it’s not… WHATEVER. I’m posting it.

  • Tai Cheong Bakery — Get the egg tart!! I don’t like sweets, but even I liked this.
  • Elephant Grounds — When you just need a coffee shop that feels very Western to hang out in, come here. Local brand, chill vibe. A few locations in HK.


  • Shun De Kung Seafood Restaurant 順德公漁村河鮮酒家 — Authentic locals-only dim sum restaurant. We did the Dim Sum Experience tour and they took us here. See my video from here about Hong Kong Dim Sum Tour
  • Yue Hing 裕興大排檔 — I wrote in my notes “Must return. Alleyway dinners”
  • Yat Lok Restaurant 一樂燒鵝 — Same, I wrote “Come back and try the goose noodle rice soup”
  • Kai Kee Noodles — I came here a few times, in Kowloon, for breakfast
  • Gingko House 銀杏館 — I wrote down, “Come back here, vegetarian restaurant and they hire old people to be the waiters to encourage them to have more social interaction”

Guided Group Tours

Best Tour Operator: Humid with a Chance of Fishballs. I highly recommend. The owner is engaged and entrepreneurial. They have free tours. I signed up (and paid full price for) the Sampan Dinner Experience.


The Hong Kong Museum of History is my favorite. You can skip the prehistoric stuff and focus on the history starting with the British invasion / occupation. Fascinating.

Other and Misc

  • Visage One — Tiny. Famous spot for music on Saturday nights, also barber shop by appointment only.
  • Pak Tsz Lane Park — The Street Art Tour took us here. It was a cute park that seemed very locals-only.
  • Victoria Peak Garden — Nice on a sunny day! Locals-only, away from the big tourist view.
  • Homeless — Good design shop. Located next to an insanely popular noodle spot that always had a huge line.

Random Photos I Took

These were all taken in early February 2018.

After a Hong Kong Street Art Walking Tour, which was OK. I went for lunch with our tour guide (left), she was super nice and smart! Random other customer from the tour joined us. Also nice.

This cat is an inspiration RE: chill.

Another typical Hong Kong street scene. Early morning.

I visited a temple. It was OK. With respect to their culture etc, taking this picture was the best part.

One night during my recent visit to Hong Kong, I stayed in this Airbnb. Killer location but it was comically freezing (no heaters in HK!), and small, and humbling. I slept with all of my clothes on, plus gloves and a hat.

One afternoon I made up my own Fried Chicken Walking Tour. I haven’t written about it because it was just OK. This was most similar to a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich.

Looking at the street from the Mid-level escalators. Another typical Hong Kong street scene.

Soup dumplings. They were good, but not great. Too much breading for me.

Me and my friend Noah at the Peak in Hong Kong. We hiked up, wow! Thanks Daniel from DSP Homes for giving us the tour.

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