Hello from Hong Kong! Dim sum video diary with my friend Noah Kagan…


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Video Transcript

Good morning from Hong Kong! These are two essentials that you need. The Octopus Card and the money. Here with Noah, my buddy and we’re going to walk to breakfast. Tsui Wah Restaurant is a famous 24 hour diner that many people told me about.

We ordered one of their breakfast specials. It was apparently the most famous thing on the menu. It was a beef curry in instant noodles. We also got scrambled eggs and buttered toast and a black tea. Here’s something interesting.

This was the bill that they gave to us at the table and it has a QR code right at the bottom. What you are going to see is Noah is going to take this bill up to the front menu and pay for it with his Octopus card. Just like that! Magic! Cha Ching!

Next up, we went on a Dim Sum tour that we read about on Trip Advisor and they took us to this place. It was very fantastic. It’s a local hot spot. Alright, we are going to do a Dim Sum tour here. I am in a very large Dim Sum hall and they have the fresh fish here behind me which you can see they will cook for us.

I’m walking through the hall right now to go to our private room where we have secured to have a Dim Sum extravaganza right in here. Dim Sum pro tip: There are two colors of chopsticks that Noah shows here. This is the red one which is used to pick the pieces up from the Dim Sum platter on to my plate and then once it’s on my plate, I can then use my black chopsticks. These should never touch the stuff on there. Is that right? Alright, I’m taking the picture.

Noah, how was it? I’m full. It’s nap time. It was fun to talk to some of the travelers on the tour. This was some of the people. I met this guy named James. These two awesome women. We went to a flower market later and we saw a bird market. We did more things later in the day, but then we got into a taxi and we drove or we tried to drive to Shenzen, China. Our taxi driver was crazy! That’s basically the end of day one.

To be continued….in Shenzen, China.

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