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Last updated: August 13, 2020

Voting kiosk for HappyOrNot about airplane restrooms


I love customer feedback. And I love tactile things! Whenever I see one of these HappyOrNot devices, I love to cast my vote.

I am starting to see these kiosks pop up all over airports, and when I looked them up I discovered that there is very little information about them on the web. So I did a little research! Here’s what I found.

Happy Or Not is such a simple device, and it seems to cut through a lot of the noise.  No need for a customer to give you their contact information, and the beauty of anonymity seems that it would lead to very honest feedback.

Rate your service, this is why people mostly use HappyOrNot boxes
Rate your service, this is why people mostly use HappyOrNot boxes

HappyOrNot was founded by Finnish entrepreneur Heikki Väänänen in 2009, and they have since posted sales of 5 million euros in 6 years, which equates to approximately $5.5M USD.  HappyOrNot is one of the fastest growing startups in Finland.

Interesting Facts About HappyOrNot

I reached out to HappyOrNot to find out more information about these awesome devices, and found out some really interesting facts:

  • They come in a kiosk, tabletop and portable version
  • They come with a sim card inside that submits instant live data to a feed
  • They have a data dashboard that shows the feeds from all of your HappyOrNot kiosks and compiles it into statistics for you to view at any time
  • The devices are customizable in terms of the questions asked on them, company logo, etc
  • They have built in anti-tampering features
  • The company follows a traditional SAAS model, charging a monthly subscription price per device, per month
Closeup of HappyOrNot voting buttons: Very Happy, Happy, Sad, Really Sad


Pricing seems fairly reasonable to me.  Below is a pricing chart that the sales rep sent to me.

Pricing information removed at the request of HappyOrNot

The company sells direct and also sells through a worldwide network of resellers.

Their Sales Pitch

They claim the following:

  • We capture on average 20% of footfall instantly and anonymously
  • Reduces or eliminates lengthy surveys which have less than 1% reach
  • Ready to use out of the box in just 3 minutes – no tools needed
  • Battery life of 2-3 years, no power or charging needed

Below is a picture of their online dashboard:

Dashboard for Happy Or Not, customer view

Some of HappyOrNot’s Clients

These are ones that they publish and promote:

  • Barclays
  • Planet Fitness
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • BMW
  • KFC
  • Citgo
  • American Express
  • HSBC
  • Domino’s Pizza

Interview with the Founder


More Information

Do you have any more cool information about HappyOrNot?

Email me and I’d love to include it in another article. Or I’ll update this one.

I think they’re a cool company to keep an eye on.

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