Willamette Gardens is located in Corvallis, Oregon and has many native species of Oregon trees, shrubs, and plants. These are grown in the owner’s onsite nursery. It occupies two lots of a suburban neighborhood.

3290 SW Willamette Avenue
Corvallis, Oregon 97333

By appointment only. Call (541) 990-0948 to schedule
Wooden fence with three signs on it, the one on the far right talks about monarch butterflies
The signs at the entrance read “Willamette Gardens, Specializing in Natives” and feature the natural properties

Garden and Plant Photos

During my visit, I took these pictures around the nursery.

Pink flowers. Plant life
Fireweed at Willamette Gardens
Green grass and some trees approx 4 ft tall
Rows of Green Japanese Maple as you enter the nursery
Purple flowers on green base, small plants
Heal-all is an herb native to Oregon
Pink flowers and green leaves
Douglas Spirea
Drooping red flowers with a yellow center, lots of green leaves
Red Columbine
Yellow flowers about 18 inches tall and green grass
Oregon Sunshine, also called the Woolly Sunflower. These are a host plant for the painted lady caterpillar.
Kinnikinnick plant from Oregon is a small shrub-like plant
Kinnikinnick, a native plant to Oregon, requires good drainage
Trees and shrubs and plants in black potters
The gardens have many different types of trees available for purchase, including this Creek Dogwood
Blanketflowers in the Corvallis Plant Nursery inventory
Yellow and green leaves
Closeup of a specific type of tree leaf, in the tree nursery at Willamette Gardens

About The Owner

Esther Gruber McEvoy is the proprietor of Willamette Gardens. She loves Oregon, gardening, native plants, butterflies, and sharing her craft. The gardens are open to wholesale and retail customers.

Plants inside black planters, a row of approx 12 of them
Coyote Bush in the foreground, and you can see Esther Gruber McEvoy working the property in the background

Many native plants provide food and shelter for a great diversity of our native wildlife. Plant a red-flowering currant shrub or columbine plants to attract the hummingbirds. Or asters for the butterflies and milkweeds for the Monarchs.

Willamette Gardens home page

Other Nurseries / Garden Supplies

Some other nurseries in Corvallis include:


Willamette Gardens is the type of plant nursery you imagine when you think about Oregon: boutique, owner-driven, and sharp. Prices are much less than larger farms and plant nurseries. The personal touch can help you plan your garden project.

Small building on a plot of land in Corvallis, Oregon at this plant nursery
The pump house at Willamette Gardens, which also serves as the office and seed warehouse.

This plant nursery is open by appointment only. Please call Esther McEvoy at (541) 990-0948 to schedule your visit.

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