Host Better Parties at Your Apartment: My 3 Favorite Organizational Gadgets

I got these three things and they’ve MASSIVELY helped reduce clutter and improve organization when a bunch of people show up for a dinner or cocktail party.

To get a full list of supplies like plastic cups, name tags, markers, and a candle for your bathroom – see this page.

Watch the video demonstration here

1: Collapsible Shoe Rack

Shoe rack I like for party hosting
This is the Origami R-FSR-12-B 12-Shelf Foldable Shoe Rack

The first thing you need to make a great impression on your guests is a collapsible shoe rack. Now I say collapsible shoe rack because I love this because it’s so skinny, but it also expands to hold twelve shoes. I just bought another one so it holds twenty four. This is very easy. It sets a great first impression that you’re organized and that people are coming over to a professional party.

2: Collapsible Coat Rack

adjustable coat rack
This is the SONGMICS Adjustable Clothes Rack

The next thing you need is a collapsible coat rack. This is so important, especially during the winter time. Come on guys. Don’t throw your jackets on top of people’s beds. Just like this. There’s a few reasons why I like this one. Number one, it looks like metal, but this is actually a cheap plastic with a chrome finish. That plastic is nice for light weight, but I found it sturdy enough to hold up to 35 jackets. The second reason that I like it is it’s collapsible and actually these extend to come out for additional jackets that you would hang on the rack. I suggest either these slim felt hangers or these heavy duty metal chrome hangers. The downside about the chrome ones is that they bang, but I think that their nicer for heavy winter jackets.

3: Folding Shelves

folding shelves
This is bulky and heavy. I want to find a better one.

Last is this collapsible shelving system. It opens up like this. Top flips open. This is for people’s backpacks. When they come over, “Hey set it over here.” And it keeps your bags and backpacks and purses off of the sofas, off of the seating areas. Nice way to organize it.

(I’m looking for a better product, the one I have now is a pain in the ass and REALLY heavy)

Watch the video demonstration here

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These are the tools, the infrastructure that I suggest you buy to level up your hosting in your own apartment especially in a big city.

To get a full list of supplies like plastic cups, name tags, markers, and a candle for your bathroom – see this page.

I love hosting cocktail parties and dinner parties for my friends and when I bought these things I noticed it made things seem a little more professional.

I recently wrote a whole step-by-step handbook for how you can make new friends and build big relationships. All it takes is a simple 2-Hour Cocktail Party. Check it out here.

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