Beaver Brook: Memorial Day Weekend

Last updated: February 21, 2023

Beaver Brook is a private cabin community in upstate New York approximately two hours from NYC.

20+ people gathered for outdoors, food, and friendship over Memorial Day weekend.

My friend Zach Klein founded Beaver Brook and invited me to join for the weekend.

Favorite Photos from Beaver Brook

two people playing chess at Beaver Brook
Poppy and Ian playing chess on Sunday morning during the rain
group of people at Beaver Brook
Group photo on Sunday afternoon, including: Amit, Meg, Brian, Grace, Ian, Christina, Idan, Zach, Courtney, Jamie, Irene, four or five kids, Floris, Katie, Emily, Derreck, Elsa, David, and many more adults!
Zach, Nell, and me at Sunday night’s community dinner


  • We went to Livingston Manner where our friend Noah Kalina had an art exhibit at The Laundry King.
  • I enjoyed sharing the bunkhouse bedrooms with my friends Amit and Megan, chatting and laughing before we went to sleep.
greens and flowers
Flowers as garnish for Saturday’s breakfast with eggs
overhead photo of coffee
Coffee in a French press, waiting for boiling water


  • Cooking pizzas outdoors in the cob oven
  • Video of everyone gathering for our group photo
  • Big group dinner with 20+ friends
  • My friend Idan and I went in the wood-fired hot tub, and then swam in the Brook (very refreshing!)
  • Saw Brian and Grace’s cabin interior for the first time. Modern, warm, biggest windows I’ve ever seen in a cabin.
Beaver Brook, looking down from the bridge
Josie and Jamie on the porch near Scott’s Cabin
Nick the photographer and Poppy borrowing his camera
Idan basting the chickens from his hanging fire contraption
On the hammock with Poppy and Josie


  • Rainy mellow morning.
  • Several trays of bacon, a big bowl of eggs, toast, and endless coffee.
  • Playing a few games of Code Names.
  • I babysat kids in the castle area for a few minutes. Never have I spent so much time with kids in one weekend.
Bath on the porch: Nell and Ellie
Code names is a fun game that we all played

Above video of me watching the kids by Ian!

Mamie, Kayvon, me, Zach, and Idan in the wood-fired hot tub
Zach Klein and Lew
man on bridge wearing yellow jacket
Kayvon on the bridge
people at Beaver Brook with Zach Klein
Group photo! Monday evening, the last ones at the house

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Original post: May 29, 2017 -- Last updated: February 21, 2023

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