Strategic Coach 10x Notes with Dan Sullivan

Popcorn, stretching, Kolbe, and a Dan Sullivan drinking game that I made up. These are my notes from the 10x Strategic Coach Ambition Program held in Toronto, Canada at the Strategic Coach offices on December 5th, 2016 from 9am to 5pm. This was the 2nd quarterly meeting of my first year in the program.

Binder cover. We get a new binder each quarter. Strategic Coach LOVES physical paper handouts


The day’s printed agenda was as follows:

  1. Workshop Notes
  2. Thinking About Your Thinking
  3. Procrastination Priority
  4. Approval / Results Spectrum
  5. The Breakthrough Booklet
  6. The Kolbe System
  7. The 10x Time System
  8. The Scorecard Money-Maker

I think we went through everything, except the Scorecard Money-Maker (or if we did, we glossed over it).


The day’s theme card. This is what was on the screens at the start of the day.
Dan Sullivan in a teaching moment.
This workshop made a lot of use of the three digital whiteboard displays at the front of the room.

Nice Quote

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”
David Viscott

From the book: “Finding the Strength in Difficult Times: A Book of Meditations”

Misc Thoughts I Had at Lunch

  • Impact filter and Fast filter most helpful. Dan constantly saying, “There are 3 important tools in Strategic Coach: Impact filter, Impact filter, and the Impact filter.”
  • I’m having so many ideas and wanting to take action on so many things. Find myself taking out my phone, my laptop, typing away quick directives and thoughts to my team and my assistant on stuff to do.
  • “The Moving Future” activity where we look at Last 90 Days, Right Now, and Next 90 Days continues to be really helpful for me.

Procrastination Priority

Procrastination Priority is an interesting tool. First: Telling The Truth is where we list all the things we’re currently procrastinating about. Then we pick the Top 3 priorities from that list. Write out the top 3, and for each, write down why we’re procrastinating on it. Then – very quickly – write the Fast 4 Cs.

  • Commitment describes what drives it, or what we’re committed to, specifically.
  • Courage states our doubts, the fear, the concern.
  • Capability is what it is going to take to do it (new person? new technology?).
  • Confidence is how we feel when it is done.

Random Notes

  • After lunch, Dan gave us permission to “get inspired” if we needed to work on something while he was talking (like me typing these notes, or sending off a quick business email). I liked that! He said, “I want to create an environment for you to be successful” and sometimes that means taking an idea and running with it.

Kolbe Notes: Kolbe Testing in Strategic Coach

Kolbe measures the conative, or the striving part of your mind.

Myers Briggs measures your affective realm, like how you LIKE to do things.

Misc notes

  • Popcorn during the afternoon break is very nice. Also some fruits and sweets available as lunch leftovers.
  • Request for more healthy fats! I’d love to see some avocados or guacamole available next time.
  • We did stretching exercises after lunch! THANK YOU! It only took 2 minutes but sooo helpful for me with that post-lunch sleepiness.
  • I love the sound of the bells when we reconvene after a break.

Dan Sullivan drinking game

Drink whenever:

  • Dan mentions the Vasper machine
  • The mics don’t work
  • A new sheet of paper is passed out
  • Dan mentions his friend Peter Diamandis

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