[VIDEO] Visiting Our Island

Ben, Theresa, Nick and Tynan visiting their private island

Some friends and I bought an island near Halifax a few years ago. When our cruise ship visited Halifax, we had to visit it. Ben puts the dock in, Theresa builds a fire, and Tynan makes tea. I made this video.


Video not shown above? Watch it here:

Video Transcript

This is the car that we drove to the boat that we took to the island. Tynan driving the boat, organized a group to purchase an island off the coast of Halifax a couple years ago. We’re going there now!

Ben, Theresa, and myself (Tynan is captain of the boat-not pictured)

That’s the yurt that we built a few years ago, but this time we need to put in the boat dock. There it is on the right with the blue tubes. I’ve changed into my island clothes and now we are walking through the island. This is a forest island not a beach island. Ben put on his wet suit. We’ll talk about that in a second. That’s Theresa! That’s me. I got firewood.

Ben is moving the dock now and I’m going to show you what that looks like. Alright, here’s Ben in the water. Ben’s with me now. Ben, what was it like? So it was really cold. I was dragging this dock all the way to the other side. Wait, I gotta say…massive shout out to everybody else that’s in this island community. I think I do the least amount of work but the most amount of video taping. Okay, back to the video.

So, this is what the island looks like. Unfortunately, it was rainy today. Bit of a bummer. Very cold. I’m walking in these great galoshes. Nick, put down your damn phone and help me get this boat unstuck. Alright, I’m coming over to help you like always do. No you don’t. Ben got the dock connected and now we’re driving around to check it…oh look… there’s the new cabin that Tynan’s building. Let’s go take a look.

Now, just know it’s under construction. These huge windows are incredibly by the way. There’s also a ladder that you climb up to and it takes you to the executive VIP priority pass lounge with this incredible view of the Halifax harbor. There’s me, there’s Tynan. Tynan, show some gang signs! WEST SIDEEE!

The other building on the structure really the main one is this big green yurt that we built. I’m gonna take you inside for a small tour. This too is still under construction, but welcome. Let’s just warm up with our hands in the fire here and we’ll make a little bit of Taiwanese oolong tea here. Here, have a cup. Remember this scene before? Look how tall the ceiling is. It’s about 18 or 20 feet and it has lofted beds up top as well. Very comfortable, great sleeping.

I want to show you what the rest of the island looks like. Like there’s a lot of trees and nature, birds like here. (NATURAL BIRD SOUNDS) This is the island. We gotta go back. I’m gonna walk out. We were only visiting for a couple of hours as our cruise ship docked in Halifax for the day and that’s it. Back to the boat to head home. We’re leaving the island now to get back on dry land headed to the cruise ship.

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