I got the chance to ski the slopes in Vail with my sister and I had a great time!


Video Transcription

Heading to Vail

I went skiing for the first time in years. Flew out there from Newark which is my new  favorite airport in New York and I snuck to the back of the plane and did a little workout  while they did drink service. It was awesome.

Denver, I’ve arrived

Hello! I’m gonna meet my sister Emily here in Denver. That’s my sister Emily. We both have blonde hair. She drove us up to the mountains. She’s been living in Denver for the last few  years. This ski trip was her idea. The next day we cooked breakfast before hitting  the slopes. The obligatory brussel sprouts shot. My favorite vegetable.

Hitting the slopes

We rode the shuttle and then took the lift  all the way up to the top of Vail Mountain. This is my first time ever skiing Vail. Pretty high elevation. Oh, I did an oxygen bar and I had beet root  juice which really helped me deal with the elevation. Alright, let’s do some skiing. Alright, we are about to go down our favorite  run of the morning. We’re having an awesome day! It’s beautiful blue skies. We are gonna ski down and we’re having an  awesome day. Yeah! The end! Good brother/sister bonding trip.

YouTube link here: Skiing with my sister Emily