[VIDEO] New York Academy of Art Tour

Today I visited Té Company with my friends Tynan and John Resig, and now I’m at the New York Academy of Art (founded by Andy Warhol!)


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Video Transcript

New York City – There’s Tynan and John Resig and me. We’re at Te Company, a Taiwanese oolong tea shop.

Oh my gosh, get a whiff of this.

Red pitchers on the left, white carafes on the right
Three oolong teas on the tea tasting menu at Té Company in NYC

Te Company is an amazing little shop on West 10th Street.

We guys met up and talked about Billionaire Handlers and Airtable and Efficacy and then John showed us his tools that he uses for wood block creation. Incredible.

Person's hands holding a series of tools in a bamboo wrapper
John’s toolkit for making woodblock prints

I rode my scooter downtown to Tribeca. I got this beautiful view, nice sunlight, and that! The Jigsaw Skyscraper.

56 Leonard Street, aka The Jigsaw Skyscraper

I’m at the New York Academy of Art tonight and we’re gonna go inside to see a student exhibition and learn a little bit about the organization. There’s my friend Kira who works at Bessemer. What’s up Kira! How you doing?

This guy spoke, his name’s Gregory. He talked about how the New York Academy of Art does conceptual and technical training founded by Andy Warhol.

Come to the opening reception in NYC on May 17th, 2018

These are the student studios. This women, her name is Danica, showed us some of her art that she said squishes the spectrum of light into the spectrum of paint. She wanted to make a painting that could spread a rumor. Here’s the student archives and student studios. I really liked this. This woman’s name is Xanthe and she made this painting at the Met museum. I love it.

So cool to meet so many new friends tonight. Hello! Hey if you like this video, please give me a thumbs up or press the like button.

Thanks for watching. This is Nick Gray and that was my day.

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