At Museum Hack we have team building meetings on the reg.   Check out one of our recent meetings.

Video Transcription

How to have great company team meetings with Museum Hack.

Here we are on a Thursday night.  A lot of our New York City Tour guides got together to talk about why we believe that museums are fucking awesome!

Charlotte’s happening!   Frank got his new bag.  Congratulations!  There’s Kelly, Zack and Dustin.  Oh wait…Kelly’s socks were amazing!

The games

And you got to have scavenger hunts.  Trainage is the name of our team meetings when we get together to do skill building.  We’re writing down on post-it notes sharing about guest happiness, (oh flexing), also how to make our company better with our team internally, thinking about our finances, writing it down and sharing it out in small groups in an open and transparent manner.

You have to have team building games. Tasia facilitated this one.  Hold out your hands, close your eyes for a surprise.

Gotta have some whiskey, some booze, some Hennessy.  Cool graphics.  Don’t forget Lindsey’s mix matched socks and of course blow it up for museums!

Thanks for watching!  This is Museum Hack.

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